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BOPET film - Jan, 07 2010

BOPET film

BOPET film (biaxially oriented Polyester films) featurines good thermal stability and tenacity; low air and water permeability; applicable to vacuum aluminum plating, compound package, cooking bag manufacture, etc.
thickness: 12micron-25micron, 75micron-150micron , 185micron-380micron 380-500 micron
width :200-1200MM
length : 500m , 1000m , 1500m, 4000m, 6000m, 9000m, 12000m
Polyester film is wound around paper shaft with an internal diameter of 76.2mm-152.4mm and covered with polyethylene film; each coil is supported by damper and put in carton; medium and large package needs wooden mount.
Customer's own requirement is available for us such as printed OEM logos and private label or particular size and package style.

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