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Arabian Modern Engineer for Air Purifier Sell Restaurant Air Purifier

Arabian Modern Engineer for Air Purifier


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Sell Restaurant Air Purifier - Oct, 03 2011

We are specializing in Indoor Air Quality. Our Air purifier range includes Air Purifiers for hospital, Airport, Restaurant, Hotel, Office, home, factory, the Indoor & Outdoor Smoking area. We are manufacture of Air Purifier, Dubai, UAE. Our factory located in Indus 18, Sharjah, UAE.
Our Air Purifier is made with HEPA filter +Electrostatic adsorption filter + Activated Carbon + Inorganic Deoxidizer + Negative Ions maker. The working way is using the Eddy from the catheter, to pull the wind from the left and the right, to form an artificial tornado, from both sides of the entrance to inhale the smoke to collect the dust and to remove smelly taste etc. Quickly absorbs particle, odor, smoke tobacco, bacteria and lets out 99.997% clean air in the environment. They are a safe and perfect sterilization to be installed in office, public, Airport, Shopping centre facilities. We installed Our Air Purifier in most of the 3 to 5 stars of Restaurant and hotel in UAE.

Company Name : Arabian Modern Engineer for Air Purifier