Sell ZP85/87/89A rotary tablet press

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Changzhou Tablet Press Company (Wangqun) Sell ZP85/87/89A rotary tablet press

Changzhou Tablet Press Company (Wangqun)


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Sell ZP85/87/89A rotary tablet press - Sep, 24 2011

We are Tablet press Company in China, we can supply you all kinds of tablet press, such as rotary tablet press, single punch tablet press, flower basket tablet press, hydraulic tablet press and so on.The most charcteristic of our tablet press is that they can be modified to press varieties of tablets of all shapes and weigts.
ZP85/87/89A rotary tablet press
ZP85/87/89A is a small tablet press for small production and technical study in pharmacy, chemical, food and electronics industries. It serves as an important equipment to verify the pressing of tablets from granular raw materials and conforms to GMP requirements.
It is applicable to press granule raw materials (within the pressing scope of machine), with powder (up 100 meshes) contents no more than 10% and applicable to press 5-20mm circular and irregular tablets carving with letters.

It is not suitable for press tablet with semi-solid or wet particles, hygroscopic, low-melting-point materials, and powder materials.
Technical Parameters
SN Items Unit Index
1 Number of Dies set 5 7 9
2 Max. Working Pressure KN 40
3 Max. Dia. of Tablet mm 13
4 Max. Thickness of Tablet mm 6
5 Max. Depth of Filling mm 15
6 Max. Production Capacity pc/h 9600 13400 17280
7 Working Diameter of the Turntable mm 200
8 Turntable Speed r/min 0-32
9 Dia. of middle mould mm 26
10 Height of middle mould mm 22
11 Diameter of up and down punch pole mm 22
12 Length of up and down punch pole mm 115
13 Overall Size(L*W*H) mm 750*550*1100
14 Net Weight kg 300
15 Main Motor Power kw 1.5
16 Voltage v 220-380

Company Name : Changzhou Tablet Press Company (Wangqun)