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Frequently Asked Questions

  Fraud, Spam and Complaints  

1. How to protect yourself from being scammed?

There are additional measures you can take to prevent from being scammed.

• Call the telephone and fax numbers provided to ensure they are real and current.

• Check with the registrar of business in the country where the supplier is located to verify that the business is legitimate and licensed to operate.

• Pay for a sample before any bulk purchase to ensure that the item meets your specifications and expectations.

• If the trader keeps on talking about payment or other sensitive issues rather than pursuing the regular business process, it is advisable to pay more attention to the transaction itself. Be suspicious if a seller tells you to "safeguard" your purchase by putting money transfer transaction in the name of a friend or loved one, or to establish a "test question." These actions will not protect you from a fraudulent seller.

• Low prices do not always mean fraud, but radically low prices should warrant a closer look before you buy. Ask the seller about the item as much as possible - the more specific the better. If you do not get a reply, it would perhaps be wise to pass on such a trade.

  2. What are some common types of fraud? Top
With the Internet, many types of fraud are possible. Some common ones are:

Bank Transfer (Scam Mail)
Such scam mail originated in Africa, now it comes from other countries as well. Often, victims of this scam receive an introduction letter via email. In such a letter, they are usually told a story about a wealthy person (for example a rich businessman or government official) who has died. The letter then asks the receiver to provide a bank account where the deceased's money can be "safely" deposited with a promise to pay 20% to 30% of the deposit as compensation.

Standard-Looking Company Invoice (aiming to get your personal information)
Some criminals may ask for a standard-looking company invoice, which often includes a bank account number when they make contact with you. After you provide this, they may attempt to withdraw your funds or purchase samples at the expense of your name and the reputation of your business. Do not provide sensitive information, such as a bank account number or corporate registration, without taking prudent steps to determine the credibility of the party or parties with whom you are dealing.

Credit Card
Be very careful if a prospective business partner you meet through the Internet informs you that they can send you payment only by check or credit card. If you accept such payment methods there is a risk that the checks may be forged or that the credit card numbers might be been stolen. Wire transfers and letters of credit issued from a bank or licensed financial institutions are free of such risks in securing payment

  Report Spam, Fraud and Fake Emails

1. What should I do if I receive spam/ scam through BH?
We ask you to take the following steps:

• Click the "Report Spam" button to inform bombayharbor.com immediately.
• Use "Spam Filter."
• Put the sender onto your "Block" list.

  2. Can I include HTML in my buying leads?What can I do if I suspect I am already a victim of fraud.?  
Please inform us immediately if you suspect that you may be a victim of fraud by one of our members.

As a first step, please forward copies of all relevant correspondence, along with the other party's Member ID and email address (if you know these) to Customer Service. Under the terms of our service agreement, we have the right to immediately cancel the membership of anyone we consider guilty of suspicious behavior. If you receive any further suspect communications, please forward them to us immediately at Customer Service.

  Complaints Regarding Another BH Member

1. I contacted a member but found his contact information was invalid.
Contact Us immediately

2. I have sent money to a seller but he did not send me the goods
Contact Us immediately

3.The seller sent me poor quality goods
Contact Us immediately

4 .I shipped the goods but haven't received money from the buyer.
Contact Us immediately