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Buying Leads
A Buying Lead is a Trade Lead posted by a buyer. Essentially, it is an invitation to sellers to quote their prices and terms regarding a certain product or product range.

• Try posting a Buying Lead if you cannot find the products you want to source on Bombay Harbor.
• As suppliers usually do not post their entire inventory, it is better to tell sellers what you want in order to facilitate more effective sourcing and to get the right sellers to come to you.
• When posting your Buying Lead, you can choose to specify your preferred method of contact, as well as conceal your company information.
• You can post Buying Leads under Buying Tools within Bombay Harbor, or from many other pages by clicking on the "Post Buying Leads" link in the "Buying Tools" box .
• Upon publication, sellers will be able to view your Trade Leads and respond accordingly. All of the sellers' responsive messages will be sent to your own Message Center in Bombay Harbor.

Click here to post a Buying Lead