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Shanghai Albert Consulting Co., Ltd

Shanghai Albert Consulting Co., Ltd



Shanghai Albert Consulting Co., Ltd

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Albert Information Consulting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 by industrial and commercial registration of professional engaged in the various districts of Shanghai Rush engraved chapter information consulting firm. Shanghai Albert Consulting Co., Ltd. has always been firmly believe that the quality and development, seeking to serve the survival of the service concept, the introduction of modern management concepts in the internal management system of India and foreign sales and service. Contracted to produce various types of production of documents, seals, and open all kinds of invoices training advisory services company equipment is advanced, fully automatic computer-generated, with years of experience with the quality of Shanghai Rush quality and good reputation, the enjoyment of the documents, information consulting industry wide popularity. to provide you with the best service. Worked in the District of Shanghai branch and division. More convenient services to new and old customers. The company mainly services consulting projects are as follows: A visa categories: host national legal visas (the accreditation to the United States, Japan, Australia, Beijing-based) Accreditation Diploma in class: each school diploma, vocational, secondary, senior secondary schools, colleges and universities degree certificates, self-examination, adult college entrance examination, correspondence, English, computer certificates and a variety of archival material (including college, undergraduate, graduate , MA, PhD, etc.). According to customer requirements to do the diploma. Three funding categories: Logistics Manager Assistant Logistics, customs card, all kinds of operating license (electrician, welder, forklift, fireman, etc.) technical grade certificate (primary, intermediate, advanced), cooks, beauty salons, accounting, accountant, engineers, teachers, doctors and certificate, the title card. Account class: a variety of security ID cards, accounts of the Hong Kong identity card, Home Visit Permit, unmarried certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, Zhunsheng Zheng, health card. Car file: driver's license, driving permit, operating certificate, surcharges, maintenance fee, qualification certificates, annual, etc.. 6, the application of real estate license class: house ownership, housing his entry warrants, state land use permits, land rights certificate, business license (corporate and individual), receipts, animal and plant import and export inspection certificate, food import and export inspection card.撤消修改 Dictionarynounstate-owned businessnationalized businessGoogle

Company Name : Shanghai Albert Consulting Co., Ltd


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