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YTL technologies inc

YTL technologies inc



YTL technologies inc

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Chengdu YTL Technologies Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of Wireless Intelligent Sensing Control Systems for commercial and residential buildings. With over 60 employees in the United States and China, YTL provides sustainable building automation solutions that are powered by Nature for customers. By harvesting natural energy from our surroundings instead of using batteries and utilizing low power radios instead of wiring, YTL systems are more energy-efficient, more cost-effective and easier to implement than traditional building management systems. YTL products have six invention patents, a utility patent and a computer software copyright. Our focus is on providing quality products and YTL has passed the latest ISO9001 quality management standards. In 2010, YTL was awarded a capital injection from the Science and Technology Agency Innovation Project under the Chinese Ministry of Science. YTL is headquartered in Chengdu, China and has further operation centers in Beijing and San Francisco. YTL system differs from traditional building automation systems in that it is inspired and powered by Nature. Just as humans gather information about what is going on in the environment using their senses, YTL wireless sensors gather information about brightness, occupancy and temperature in a room. Energy costs can be reduced as much as 30% by using YTL Intelligent Sensing Control System products. YTL switches and sensors are battery-free because energy is harvested from the natural sources around us (solar cells, motion converters and thermal converters). Sensors and switches communicate with receivers through radio frequency. Eliminating the needs for batteries and minimizing the needs for copper wires save raw materials and CO2 emissions needed for their production. For example, with YTL occupancy sensors and window contact sensors, lights and temperature only operate when necessary. Brightness sensors allow for the minimum amount of lights to be used. Once the YTL system is set up, maximum energy efficiency and comfort are achieved.

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