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hebei xuchen global trade co.,ltd.

hebei xuchen global trade co.,ltd.



hebei xuchen global trade co., ltd.

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Brief Introduction Hebei Xuchen Global Trading Co., Ltd. is the all-around development trading company authorized by The Foreign Economical Trade Committee of China and China Customs, main duties are importing and exporting, and also be engaged apply to customs and self-support in technology. The enrolled capital is three million yuan. Our company have possessed rich capitals and flowing capitals, which have been gained excellent business credit and many experiences in the field of trading in the country and abroad and abounded technology skill, our foreign trade professional team is quality of capability, efficient, trust and wisdom and some management talents for business on Internet network. We bring to bear our expertise and years of experiences to study and develope new product, new technology and skill, Many famous, excellent and special local products in Hebei province and the centre region are held in our company, and in same time we are the first class agent and dealer of import and export for product of all kind of steels and building materials Our employer are from both business talents who have engaged imported and exported from many years and new business backbones who have just graduate form university of foreign trade. Our company was controlled under the term of ISO9001 in the side of management, in our company was full of excellent trade environment and modern enterprise culture. Our company act as an agent of applying to customs for imported and exported goods in all seaport and airport in China as well as commodity check and sanitation check, and managed all tax for customer, and to assist application the imported Gro. Files. In the field of applying to customs and transported goods were safety and shortcut was in the advantage of competed between all agents. Our company has acted an agent of many famous and well-known trademark from national to international, our company services all kind of customers in the all round world. In the same time our group company has keep engaged the real estate development, the constructing project in city, construction of speedway, river channel and bridge, construction applying power project, construction project, factory of processing pitch, factory of processing commodity concrete, the service station in speedway, the steel smelted factory, the cotton factory, the chemical making factory and so on. Our Group Company belongs to trading in the all filed of, constructing and product enterprises. Xuchen company has still directly to apply materials, matter and marketing service for our branch company. Our company has dealt in iron refine sand, screw thread steel, tray steel, armor plate steel, billet, coil plate steel, iron, ball of iron refine sand, pitch, the pitch additive, refine carbon, coal, extract coal, cement, cement additive, industry product, chemical product, machine and power product, farming and byproduct: cotton, cotton tarn and short cloth with soft nap and so on. Our company have still taken deal in special local product of the centre region in Hebei province for many years, the main product was fruit products, grain and oil and vegetable products in the centre region. Some of fruit products was apple, pear, super peach and original liquid of fruits. Freeze strawberry, walnut, chestnut, red jujube, Chinese pepper etc; some of grain and oil products was wheat, flour, maize, soya, peanut, Chinese potato and other mixed grain, peanut oil, sesame oil and so on; some of green products was freeze greengrocery, potato, radish, garlic and Chinese Pepper etc. Our Group Company is located north circuit road in Handan city of Hebei province, She occupies in acreage of more than 26640 square meters with convenient transport. Our company has super-professional management talent person and more than 50 technical talented persons who were trained professional technique and skill .please contact us.

Company Name : hebei xuchen global trade co.,ltd.


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dehydrated garlic powder

dehydrated garlic

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