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Sell XDS510 USB Plus JTAG Emulator - Apr, 18 2011

Overview – XDS510 USB Plus JTAG Emulator
The XDS510 plus emulator is a DSP development tool (DSP emulator) which uses XDS560 JTAG technology to greatly improve its stability and anti-interference capabilities. The emulator fully supports Code Composer Studio version 2.2 to CCS 4.0 and the latest DaVinci™ platforms from Texas Instruments. The emulator uses 560 JTAG POD simulation techniques and conducts full space emulation. It is equipped with USB 2.0 and 14-pin JTAG interfaces and runs under operating systems from Windows 2000 to Windows 7. The emulator supports the following TI DSPs: LF24xx, F28xx, VC33, C54xx, C55xx, C62xx, C67xx, C64xx, DM64x, C643x, DM64xx, DM270, DM320, DM35x, C64+ as well as the latest CPU emulator of the DaVinci™ series.

Key Features – XDS510+ USB Plus JTAG Emulator
High-speed anti-jamming cable
Supports CCS IDE V2.2/ 3.1/ 3.3/ C3X-4X/CCS4.0
Dedicated, durable JTAG plug
LEDs indicate operational status
Multi-chip and dual-core DSP and debugging
Compact and ultra-thin, easy installation
Technical Specifications – XDS510 USB Plus JTAG Emulator

Chip Simulation Voltage 0.5 V to 5 V
Programmable TCK Frequency Up to 32 MHz
Operating System Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista (32bit) and Windows 7 (32bit)
Data Transmission Rate Up to 480 Mbps
Interface Standard USB 2.0, compatible with USB1.1
JTAG emulation interface
Weight 50 g

Packing List – XDS510 USB Plus JTAG Emulator
14-pin Target Adapter Cable
USB cable
CD-ROM with drivers
Setup instructions
Warranty registration card
Technical Reference Manual

Company Name : gaotek