Nickel Silver Wire(Sheet/Strip) - C7701, C7521, C7541

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Hang Jing Co., Ltd Nickel Silver Wire(Sheet/Strip) - C7701, C7521, C7541

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Nickel Silver Wire(Sheet/Strip) - C7701, C7521, C7541 - Sep, 22 2021

1. Nickel Silver Wire.

Alloy code: C7701, C7521, C7541.

Diameter: 0.10~9.00 mm, Round & Square wires.

We supply any specification depends on your demand.

Package: Bobbin, Coil, Carrier. Match the specification customers request.

Characteristics: Good gloss, Good anti-fatigue, Good anti-corrosion.

Application: Relay, Spring, Glasses parts, Zippers, Musical instruments and Measuring instruments.

2. Nickel Silver Sheet / Nickel Silver Strip.

Alloy code: C7701, C7521, C7541.

(1) Sheet : Thickness - 0.8 ~ 3.5 mm; Width - 180 ~ 380 mm (W) * 1200 mm (L).
(2) Strip : Thickness - 0.08 ~ 3.5 mm; Width - 12 ~ 380 mm.

Characteristics: This material is an alloy that containing copper, nickel and different proportions zinc, having the good processability, magnetic shielding ability, ductility, anti-fatigue, anti-corrosion, and high flexibility.

Application: Phone shielding materials, liquid crystal oscillating element shell, crystal case, potentiometer wiper, medical equipment, construction, wind instruments and so on.

In addition to Phosphorus bronze wire, Yellow brass wire and Oxyacid free copper wire, we also offer various types of non-ferrous metal wire.

If you have any requirement on our products, please kindly advise us at anytime. Thanks so much!

(1) Shipping term: FOB Korean port or CIF Destination port.
(2) Payment term: T/T or L/C 100% at sight.
(3) Minimum order quantity will be adjusted according to the specification.
(4) Country of origin: South Korea.

Company Name : Hang Jing Co., Ltd