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Hang Jing Co., Ltd CN Wire - CN49,CN30,CN15,CN10,CN5

Hang Jing Co., Ltd


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CN Wire - CN49,CN30,CN15,CN10,CN5 - Sep, 22 2021

CN Wire.

Alloy code: CN49, CN30, CN15, CN10, CN5.

Diameter: 0.1~3.00 mm, Round wire.

We supply any specification depends on your demand.

Package: Bobbin, Coil. Match the specification customers request.

1. High resistance, Low temperature coefficient of resistance.
2. Good resistance stability, Good anti-corrosion.
3. Great anti-oxidation, High tensile strength.

Application: Electric resistance wire, Resistor and Variety of electrical Instrument.

In addition to Phosphorus bronze wire, Yellow brass wire and Tough pitch copper wire, we also offer various types of non-ferrous metal wire.

If you have any requirement on our products, please kindly advise us at anytime. Thanks so much!

(1) Shipping term: FOB Korean port or CIF Destination port.
(2) Payment term: T/T or L/C 100% at sight.
(3) Minimum order quantity will be adjusted according to the wire size.
(4) Country of origin: South Korea.

Company Name : Hang Jing Co., Ltd