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Three plastic(HK)group limited

Three plastic(HK)group limited



Three plastic(HK)group limited

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Three plastic product Information -Design time: 3days -Cavity: Single/Multi cavities -Tolerance: 0.02mm -Mould type: rapid prototyping, JIG, multi-component tools, two-component tools, Multi-cavity tools, Silicone molding, aluminium tools, overmoulding, double direction molding, toolmakers and molded plastic components -Mould base: HASCO -T1 Delivery time: 20 days -Product Material: ABC, PC, PP, PVC, POM, PMMA, PS, PE. PET, PA, ABS+PC -Special (PEI+ carbon fiber, PA6/PA66+GF, PBT+GF, PBT, PEI, PA6+TD) Who are we? 1: Producer of die mould for electronics products, small auto parts, toy, industrial parts, plastic parts & die casting. 2: Mold design, mold-making, product design, mold flow analysis, injection products. silkscreen. Painting and assembly service Three Plastic Team? -30% mold designer over more than 15 design experience -50% mold engineers have more than 20 years in engineering -50% management & development staff have study abroad in US, Japan, Germany Three Plastic technology? -Plastic mould 1: Molding technology *Injection molding *In-Mold technique *Insert technique *Mechanical processing *NC Cutting 2: Composite technique *Laser processing *Vacuum deposition *UV Coating *Bronzing *Optical processing *Aluminum sculpture *Sputtering coating 3: Printing *Silk printing *Pad printing *3D printing -Die casting mould 1: Aluminum casting *Anodizing *Sandblasting *Oxidation *Powder *Electrophoresis *Painting 2: Zinc alloy *Electroplating *Fused *Powder *Spray Three Plastic Quality System? *IQC-IPQC-OQC *Initial sample test reports *Check list of Material *Dimension testing reports *DFM reports *Mould progress reports *SGS *8D reports etc. *Full testing reports Other Information Three Plastic Vision: -Change the craft goods into industrial goods -Building large industrial park for composite processing techniques with metal and plastic materials FAQ Q: What type format drawing you offering and design? A: Design software: UG-NX 7, PROE 5.0 Engineer drawings: X_T, IGES, STEP, Pro-E Q: How about the working time? A: 2 shifts, 6 days a week for production line workers, 10 working-hours per day, two hours belongs to overtime. Q: How about your yearly production turnover, annual output of mold? A: At 2013, our yearly turnover is 3.5 million USD, The annual output around 150 sets of mold. Q:How many worker staff in your factory? 200 employees of Dec of 2014, 5 designers, 5 quality staff, 50 people in mold department, 80 people in injection department. Q: Whether the new employees need training while they enter the factory? Yes, all new employees got training for three month before starts working Q: What's normally mold steel supplier? Any material certificated provides? A:-LKM, GS, Ming lee, DAIDO are our general supplier. - US standard mold steel: P20, 420, H13, D2 -Germanystandard mold steel: 1.2738, 1.2311, 1.2711, 1.2316, 1.2083, 1.2344, 1.2379 -Steel and harden reports treatments certification supply Q: Is there a mold flow analysis before making the mold? Which software do you use often? A:Yes, with mold flow analysis, normally use MPI, MPA software which are owned by American mold Flow Company. Q:What should you do while mold does not work at client factory? A:We will give a careful inspection for the mold to avoid such case before delivery. But if it happens, we will decide whether to reproduce the mold according to customer's feedback. Q: Where are your major customers and what manufacture standards have you mastered? A: Our major market isJapan, Europe North America We usually use HSACO, DME & MISUMI standard to produce the mold. Q: What do you like to use hot runner? Which brand do you use normally? A: DME, HASCO, YUDO, SYNVENTIVE, MOLDMASTER, INCOE HASCO, YUDO, Mold Master (Used most)

Company Name : Three plastic(HK)group limited


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