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Ultra Febtech Pvt Ltd

Ultra Febtech Pvt Ltd



Ultra Febtech Pvt Ltd

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Size Reduction Machines,Mixing Equipments,Gradation Equipments,Guar Gum Plants Machinery,T.K.P. Plants Machinery,C.M.C. Plants Machinery,Chemical Processing Equipments,Material Handling Equipment,Dosing Systems,Hot Air Generator,Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Description :

Since 1990, Ultra Febtech Pvt. Ltd. has been a renowned in the design and manufacture of size reduction (grinding), Gradation and mixing equipment. Since its inception, Ultra Febtech has had one overriding commitment: to provide personalized creative engineering service to the customers. The scope of our products, the depth of our technical knowledge and wealth of experience serves to bring you the most effective equipment available today. Ultra Febtech - An ISO 9001:2008 Certified company - is recognized for its technical expertise and its ability to provide custom designed mixing and size reduction systems to meet the unique requirements of a broad range of industries. Application includes everything from sophisticated dry state reaction of natural polymers, pharmaceuticals to dyes mixing to grinding of polymers to pulses. We are catering the Indian clients regularly and now since 2004, we have stepped in to global market. We have started with one of our customers and we had completed a repeat order too.

Company Name : Ultra Febtech Pvt Ltd


Products of Ultra Febtech Pvt Ltd

TKP plants machinery

TKP plants machinery
Guar gum plants machinery

Guar gum plants

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