Shanghai Chuantai Industry Co.,Ltd.

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Shanghai Chuantai Industry Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Chuantai Industry Co.,Ltd.



Shanghai Chuantai Industry Co., Ltd.

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tio2, titanium dioxide, rutile

Description :

hanghai Chuantai Industry Co. Ltd----- a branch of Xichang Ruikang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd, devoted to provide worldwide customers with comprehensive technical support and business services. The company specializes in sales of various specifications of titanium dioxide pigment which can be widely used in coating, plastic, ink, rubber, paper industry etc. The factory was established in 2006, located in world-famous Sichuan Province -- "The Chinese vanadium-titanium base", with 60, 000 tons/year high quality sulphate process rutile TiO2 pigment production line. Our production site is ISO 9001 and ISO14001certified. Our own ilmenite and sulfuric acid factory ensure the reliability and stability of our products. We are committed to providing our customers with high value coloring solutions characterized by a combination of cost-effectiveness, quality consistency and innovation.

Company Name : Shanghai Chuantai Industry Co.,Ltd.


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