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SYS Technology CO., Ltd

SYS Technology CO., Ltd



SYS Technology CO., Ltd

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Introduction of SysPCB Shenzhen SYS Technology Co., Ltd. is an express printed circuit board and small quantities board manufacturing and marketing service providers. we always adhering to the "market-oriented, quality-first" business philosophy Since we started the business, SysPCB has always been committed to become the leading PCB industry company to provide good quality and efficient service to our customer from our continuous innovation of electronic information technology. Our company is headquartered in Shenzhen Electronic Trade Circle, the factory is in Songgang Shenzhen, we have set a production, in WIP testing, function testing in a modern manufacturing base, the company's products and services are widely used in computer equipment, industries communications products, consumer electronics, automotive, medical electronics, instrumentation and aerospace equipment, products exported to Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions are 40-50%. SysPCB has invested heavily of the equipment imported from the United States, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and other countries and regions, the introduction of the world's advanced level of modern manufacturing and testing equipment and software, provide the company with marketing, technical and production advantage, we have support team of 7*24 hours to provide technical support, manufacturing operations and order service, quick and comprehensive response to the individual needs of customers around. At present, SysPCB has set up customer service centers in the electronics city like Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Hangzhou and other area, we are enlarging our service area radiation, and we can provide a convenient service for customers domestic and abroad. Setting up the philosophy of creating value for customers, seek development for employees, sustainable business operation, our company will strive to build China's largest express PCB, small quantities PCB maker. Our goal is to become the leading provider of cost-effective, fast shipment, reliable quality PCB manufacturer, strive to become China's industry leader express PCB as soon as possible. Our four guarantees: Material security: PCB laminate are all high-quality Class A material (we can provide the certificate from our laminate supplier company); Product quality assurance: the use of flying probe test products for sample PCB, 100% quality guarantee; Fast delivery security: Single and Double side PCB can be expedited in 48hours, four-layer board can be expedited in 72hours, six layer boards can be expedited in three days to ship, product on time delivery rate of 99%. Cost-effective security: double-sided sample start from only 80USD per model, four-layer board start from 180USD per model.

Company Name : SYS Technology CO., Ltd


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PCB Manufacturer, High Tg PCB, HDI PCB

PCB Manufacturer,
rogers PCB Shenzhen China Manufacturing

rogers PCB Shenzhen
China Manufacturing

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