Suzhou Lexxon Equipment Co.,ltd

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Suzhou Lexxon Equipment Co.,ltd

Suzhou Lexxon Equipment Co.,ltd



Suzhou Lexxon Equipment Co., ltd

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Marine Loading Arm, Land Loading arm, Top loading arm, bottom loading arm, cryogenic loading arm, LNG Loading Arm

Description :

Suzhou Lexxon Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional company specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of marine loading/unloading arm, land loading/unloading arms. Based in China, Lexxon operates on a global basis via a professional network of carefully selected agents and associate companies, who share the common value that is transferring the positive energy-- integrity, solid and sincerity. We only do the Best Made-in-China. Our goals are long term---to build up good reputation in all fields, to support our customers and representing partners such as end users, EPC contractors and consultancies at every stage of their projects. Base on years of effort, our top notch engineer team well considered from the beginning to the end and develop complete solution for loading systems. Our quality management system conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001, latest standard. Lexxon Marine Loading arm transferring enormous energy to the China economy taking-off. We are your best choices for safely, reliable, economically loading/unloading liquid and gases media.

Company Name : Suzhou Lexxon Equipment Co.,ltd


Products of Suzhou Lexxon Equipment Co.,ltd

Land Loading Arm

Land Loading Arm
Marine Loading Arm

Marine Loading Arm

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