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ShenZhen JingZhongGuang Photoelectric Co., Ltd

ShenZhen JingZhongGuang Photoelectric Co., Ltd



ShenZhen JingZhongGuang Photoelectric Co., Ltd

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ShenZhen JingZhongGuang Photoelectric Co., Ltd is one of most reputable manufacturers of Computer products and Touch systems in China. We are constantly on the forefront of leading-edge technologies. The services we provide include Capacitive touch, Electromagnetic touch, Touch display, Tablet PC and the best touch product of case solution, . We are praised for quick response to customers’ needs to minimize service wait time. We work hard to offer long term customer service and customized products. It’s our goal to help customers to grow with us to build a win-win business relationship. ShenZhen JingZhongGuang Photoelectric Co., Ltd is used to be a subsidiary of CANDO (HONGKONG) TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED with its core business in export sector. With over fifteen years of experience in the computer products field, our company has already become the most well-known manufacturer of safety and security products. With the strict in-house management, advanced devices, effective production flute, and professional staff, our company has obtained the authentication of FCC and CE. So far, our products have been well marketed in several countries, and we have successfully developed more than 80 projects for overseas customers on the basis of OEM and ODM services. We manufacture a complete line of computer peripherals, including Tablet monitor, Touch screen PC/monitor, Tablet PC and computer peripheral, just to name a few. We pride ourselves on our expertise in producing Touch products. Touch System all over the world are constantly developing innovative applications to advance the quality of our daily life. ShenZhen JingZhongGuang Photoelectric Co., Ltd missions are : 1. We build what we design - With the state of art precision manufacturing equipments we own, we can quickly turn a product from concept to reality. The individuals that design the products are not the ones that actually producing the products, which could translate to design problems and lack of support responses. We understand exactly what we make, and we will make sure our customers do too. 2. Strategic partnerships - Having close ties with top manufacturers and technology innovators enables us to offer solutions ahead of our competitors, thus we can offer cost-effective solutions to our customers. Time to market is often the top determining factor for market penetration. 3. OEM/ODM specialist - Since 70% of our business come from OEM/ODM, we fully understand what OEM/ODM customers need. For better customer service and product quality, we tailor our business to fit your requirements. 4. Always stay ahead of competitors on delivering the latest technologies. 5. Maintain a quality-driven & efficient operation. 6. Be a service-oriented company. Our plant covers 23800 sq in China, and we have set up partner office in Hongkong, Taiwan, Europ, while our administration office remains in SZ to provide the best communication and service. Since we count on long-standing business relationships, we receive good reputation on quality and service in the long term. We believe in that the success of an enterprise results from the products of high quality and the trust from customers. We are very confident that ShenZhen JingZhongGuang Photoelectric Co., Ltd will give you the best support here!

Company Name : ShenZhen JingZhongGuang Photoelectric Co., Ltd


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