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Shijiazhuang ZDHF Stock-Raising Co.,Ltd

Shijiazhuang ZDHF Stock-Raising Co.,Ltd



Shijiazhuang ZDHF Stock-Raising Co., Ltd

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Shijiazhuang ZDHF Stock-raising co., Ltd was founded in early 1999, now has developed into a collection of R & D, production, sales as one of modern high-tech enterprises, Which has wide range of products , such as veterinary medicine, feed, feed additives. In order to reach the modernization , normalization and standardization , the transformation of GMP of the workshop made the powder, premixes, disinfectants and other production lines passed the GMP inspection of Ministry of Agriculture in December 2005. The construction of the Phase II of the GMP workshop of an area of 65 acres in Weixian Country Industrial Park Development Zone in 2008. The company has passed 15 terms of GMP production line acceptance, including powder, premix, Terminally sterilized small volume injections (including Chinese medicine extract), Terminally sterilized bulk Non-venous injection (including traditional Chinese medicine extraction), oral solution(including traditional Chinese medicine extraction), Granules (including traditional Chinese medicine extraction), Pesticides (liquid), bulk drugs (benzalkonium bromide). Shijiazhuang ZDHF Stock-raising co., Ltd has became one of the veterinary company which has the most production lines. From factory planning, plant design to equipment purchase; From production to quality control, from the procurement of raw materials to the finished product to market, Of all aspects of drug production, quality, service, completely managed by the veterinary drug GMP standard. Production of each process, every detail is executed in accordance with standard operating procedures. Audit materials, purchasing, receiving, storage, distribution, inventory and delivery of the finished product all-round control, to achieve high efficiency, high standards, fast-paced, error-free management. For the purpose of "serve as breeding services" ; To achieve the goal of "create excellent brand committed to living beings health; we will adhere and carry forward the ZDHF spirit with rigorous, innovative, self-confidence, collaboration, and give full play to the strong overall strength and brand. Our company has a strong marketing and technical services team.Our customers grow together with us , the increasingly high market share and reputation, Sales network of radiation to the various provinces, cities and autonomous regions other than the exception of Hong Kong, Macau, and has a large number of customer groups, and to establish a solid business relationship. Has successfully developed more than 200 products for different regions. With sincere cooperation, we harvest our friendship, our cause and with the steady development. ZDHF sincerely hope that with the majority of my colleagues to join hands together build the Great Wall of the 21st century green husbandry!

Company Name : Shijiazhuang ZDHF Stock-Raising Co.,Ltd


Products of Shijiazhuang ZDHF Stock-Raising Co.,Ltd

0.2% estradiol benzoate injection

0.2% estradiol
benzoate injection
Antibacterial oxytetracycline injection 20% for cattle came

injection 20% for
cattle came

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