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sun shine electronics

sun shine electronics



sun shine electronics

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water level controller

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SUN SHINE ELECTRONICS AUTOMATIC WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER Description Automatic Water level controller plays vital role in switching on/off the motor and serves 24 hours. Supply water to you without letting the overhead tanks to become dry Automatic Water level controller is a top class product that meets every performance criteria. Automatic Water level controller shows clear indication of water levels in the overhead tank and sump tank. Automatic Water level controller shows voltage variation if any, Automatic Water level controller shows green indicator for normal voltage, red indicator for high or low voltage, Has soft touch buttons to select auto / manual operations, Shows Motor ON indication with different colours at different modes of the unit. Automatic Water level controller shows Green indication in case of Auto mode, Red indication while Motor is under dry run Condition. No Manual Supervision, Feather Touch Keys, Avoids Motor Burn Outs, Increases storing capacity. Long life sensors, No mechanical parts, Low sensors replacement cost. BENEFITS OF THE PRODUCT: ? Two Year Warranty. ? Increases Your Motor Life. ? Works On Low & High Voltages. ? Easy Installation & Cost Effective. ? Avoid Seepage Of Water On Roofs. ? Walls Don’t Become Damp & Dirty. ? No Fear Even If You Are Not At Home. ? Works On All Types Of Motors & Pumps. ? No More Running To Switch ON / OFF Motor. ? Automatically It Starts & Stops The Motor. ? Fits For All Types Of Water Storage Tanks. ? Save Your Electricity Bill, Water, Time & Energy. ? Water Always On Top Of Over Head Water Tank. ? Over Head Water Storage Tank Will Never Over Flow. ? No Need To See Water Level In Over Head Water Tank. ? Detects Water Levels In Over Head Water Tank & Sump. ? Glows Light When Motor Starts and Water Flows In Pipe. ? Controls Automatically Desired Water Level In Water Tanks. ? Automatically Switches OFF Motor When Water is Full In Over Head Tank or Sump Is Empty ? Automatically Switches OFF The Motor When Over Head Tank Is Empty & Sump Is Empty. ? Automatically Switches ON Motor When Water Is Low In Over Head Tank & Sufficient Water n Sump. -- B.Venkat, (Proprietor, ) Sun Shine Electronics, # 7-5, Prakashnagar, Miyapur, Hyderabad-049 9010004145

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