Shaanxi Gainway Import&Export Co.,Ltd.

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Shaanxi Gainway Import&Export Co.,Ltd.

Shaanxi Gainway Import&Export Co.,Ltd.



Shaanxi Gainway Import&Export Co., Ltd.

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herbal extract,natural ingredients,plant extract

Description :

Shaanxi Gainway Imports & Exports Co., ltd located in Xi’an High-tech Zone,  we are a plant chemical high-tech enterprise, which is mainly engaged in planting,  research , manufacture and export of natural plant products. The factory has formed a production capacity of 5000tons annually. The company use modern equipment technology, combined with professional technical advantage, work closely with various of Scientific Institutions and universities and colleges. Take advantage of the medicinal materials resources in Qinling- Bashan mountainous region, go though processing of extraction, separation, purification and drying. Shaanxi Gainway Imports & Exports Co., ltd develop and manufacture more plant materials, such as immature bitter orange, epimedium, red clover, Siberian ginseng, cortex salicis, Radix Puerariae, ginger and all others more than 200 kinds of plant extract. Shaanxi Gainway Imports & Exports Co., ltd own a complete set of advanced analysis equipments, such as high-performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, atomic absorption spectroscopy, UV. The laboratory of Shaanxi Gainway Imports & Exports Co., Ltd had obtained states CNAS & CMA certification, and has qualification of national independent laboratory. It’s equipped with HPLC (for active components detection) GC (residue of solvents), ICP-MS (heavy metal detection), GC/LC-MS-MS (residue of pesticide detection and unknown chemical compound identification) IR and HPTLC (qualitative identification), Microplate-reader for ELISA (antioxidation value) and PPSL (residue of irradiation detection) and microbiology detection.

Company Name : Shaanxi Gainway Import&Export Co.,Ltd.


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