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Proeyetech Elektrotekniks Pvt Ltd

Proeyetech Elektrotekniks Pvt Ltd



Proeyetech Elektrotekniks Pvt Ltd

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CCTV Camera Dealers, Security System Dealers, CCTV Dealers

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We M/s . Parag Enterprise at present design and install the complete security package comprising CCTV systems, miniature color and B/W cameras, switchers (manual, remote and matrix), multiplexes, event recorders, fire alarm, Security and many more. We also provide complete electronic security & fire safety package, which consist of wireless /wired control panel with/without auto dialer facility. This system helps you to prevent from any kind of theft and unauthorized person's entry in your absence. It also avoid the possible accident arise from LPG leakage. This multi purpose system can help to medical patient to alert the doctor or his/her relative in the case of emergency. We are among very few people in the world who can offer remote CCTV monitoring system with/without two-way audio facility. This system ensures user to access site from anywhere in India or abroad with the help of telephone line cellular phone and computer. This is real time view to the user. Different models are available, which can work on local area network, WAN, EPABX etc. This system also works on microwave communication. We can offer different models customer requirement. We also deal in the advanced Time Office Management & Employee Attendance Record System, which also known as Access Control Devices. These include card reader, prox card with software to integrate up to salary slip with different report generation facility and in very advance biometric detection (finger Print Detection) System. We are also dealing with other home, office, industry security/safety products such as electronic door lock, auto door releaser system, special purpose door phone which allows you to see the face of visitor along with two way audio communication, energy saving light which gives light only when it requires during human presence. We have some of the supporting products in similar field such as money, gold, important document carry away special purpose bag, special microphone unit, personnel addressing system and many others. We are actively working in these fields since 1995 and carried out more than 950 successful projects, which covers different States. These all could be possible because of our expertise Engineers and Management graduate team. We have covered almost all the business houses such as Government/Semi Government, Limited companies, Industries, Banks, Schools/Colleges, Hotels, Restaurants, Temples and many more with world's best companies in there respected field with there ISO 9002 certified products. Our Expertise Field Some of our expertise application areas are… REMOTE VIDEO MONITORING SYSTEM CCTV SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS INTRUSION AND BURGLAR ALARAM SYSTEMS FIRE ALARAM SYSTEMS TIME OFFICE & EMPLOYEE ATTENDANCE RECORD SYSTEMS ADVANCE SECURITY SYSTEMS (BIOMETRICS) DIGITAL AUDIO – PEN AUTOGATE CASH BAG Our Supportive Companies Following are the list of companies we are actively associated with… MINTRON, WATEC, PANASONIC, SONY and SANYO of JAPAN HANSE, SECURA, KOCOM and SAMSUNG of KOREA AV-TECH of GERMANY SYSTEM SENSOR of ITALY & MEXICO THIRDEYE and SUNKWANG, HSINTEK, LILIN, LOOK-C and TOPICA of TAIWAN SERVANT and DEDICATED MICRO of U.K., TAXCOM, OPTAX & HID of U.K. & U.S.A. SDB CISCO, SYRIS of SINGAPORE TELEFIRE, JABLOTRON, Video Domain of ISRAEL. Our Designs: We help you providing the total solutions and designing with: Selection of proper camera's with calculation of lux and lumens. Selection of proper lenses. Selection of appropriate supporting systems. System fabricated keeping in mind for future expansion. Our designs clears your ideas of a well develop presentations and appropriate documents and material. We help you to choose the right Contractor and Material specialized in related field. Our Commitment: To represent Client interests Objective and factual advice and support Total confidentiality Independent and impartial advice and assessment High professional standards. . Integrity and loyalty. . old fashioned values in a modern world.

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