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Shanghai Vital Industry Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Vital Industry Co.,Ltd



Shanghai Vital Industry Co., Ltd

Keywords :

bulletproof plate,ceramic seal ring,abrasion resistant ceramic

Description :

We are a leading researcher and manufacturer of alumina ceramic tiles for bulletproof and industrial purposes in China. We have 4 branch factories and 15 offices across China and are specialized in manufacturing everything ranging from alumina ceramic powders to finished ceramic tiles. Our company, with an annual output of over 1200 tons of alumina ceramic tiles, owns ten sets of 160T Automatic Four-Pillars Bidirectional Forming Hydraulic Pressers, two sets of Shuttle Kiln(1750℃) and one set of Pushed Slab Kiln. Our products are popular with customers from all over the world for small tolerances, high hardness and density as well as excellent bullet-resistant performance. What’s more, we are always able to make delivery in time so as to save our clients’ precious time. Our products are mainly focused on Alumina Armor Ceramics and SiC Armor Ceramics and meet NIJ IV standard 0101.04 in ballistic level. we are also experienced in producing quality alumina ceramics for industrial purposes, such as alumina ceramic seal ring, wear-resistant ceramic tile, ceramic ball, ceramic friction disc, etc.

Company Name : Shanghai Vital Industry Co.,Ltd


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