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Alluter Technology(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd

Alluter Technology(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd



Alluter Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

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magnetron sputterri,vacuum coating targ,metal target,ceramic target

Description :

Alluter Technology Shenzhen Co., Ltd is a China-based professional producer in a broad range of non-ferrous metals products, other sputtering coating target products. Inception of our company, producing in our own factory various dimensions, shape and high purity of targets products and fistulous targets that widely applied on vacuum coating such as Flat Panel Display Coating Industry, Tools and Decoration Industry, Architectural glass or Automotive glass coating Industry, Optical Data or Magnetic Data Storage Industry, Optical Communications or Optical Industry, Solar PV Industry, mainly for our regular buyers in domestic and oversea market. Five factories under our wholly-assets company including: Plasma Spraying Factory, Labor-intensive Machine Producing Factory, Research and Development Centers, Large Non-standard Producing Factory, Refractory Material Factory. Giving play to our company's all functions of different materials to achieve the most professional process link chain, covering all aspects of target production .Due to selecting the top quality raw material, equipped with many Thermal Spraying Equipments and other Metallurgical Equipments, attracting the best craftsmanship of our technicians and workers, and our targets products owned a longer service life and show a perfect performance during the application, thus establish a good reputation among our buyers and the final users. Meanwhile, Our products sold well in the whole nation and the North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Oceania, South East Asia, Africa and other regions, favored by overseas consumers with our competitive target products. We offer the best quality rare metal and non-ferrous metal targets, various of alloy material targets, ceramic targets , powder and granule targets, major include Cr, Ti, SUS, Si, Sn , C, ITO, NiCr , TiAl , SiAl , Cr+Cu bonding, besides, also provided the target metallization and bonding service.

Company Name : Alluter Technology(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd


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