B&H King Mold Limitec

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B&H King Mold Limitec

B&H King Mold Limitec



B&H King Mold Limitec

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Plastic Tubes & Pipes,Plastic Products,Plasticware,Plastic Inflatable Products & Furniture,Toilet Ware of Plastic,Furniture and Interior Decoration,Packing Material & Containers of Plastic,Polyethylene Products,Polyurethane & Products,Safety Helmets of Plastic, Furniture and Interior Decoration

Description :

We made about 500 molds last year and 90% molds were exported to Europe, North American and other oversea areas.We are able to make small and simple molds, big and complex molds, we have made some insert molds, overmolds, two shot molds, gas assistant molds, unscrewing molds, IMD mold and molding, hot runner molds and complex molds with many sliders drived by hydraulic cylinder

Company Name : B&H King Mold Limitec


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