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Raj Shahani

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Raj Shahani

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RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a globally established Insitu mechanical equipment repair company. All these years we have built up an outstanding reputation for quality work delivered on time and with in budget. RA Power is a leading provider of specialized Insitu repair, maintenance, reconditioning services, audit and inspection services and trading of engineering component for the world wide shipping, offshore marine installations, industrial plants and power stations. We are quality conscious with an experience of more than 30 years in providing professional services in the field of on site repairs and critical engineering. Our priority has been quality. This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment & efficiency which enables us to consistently deliver quality products and services to our esteemed clients. Crankshaft Grinding Machine In situ Crankshaft Grinding Machine has been developed through extensive research and development. We have designed and developed the machine for the in situ Crankshaft grinding service and have successfully carried out the grinding operation in numerous locations with out dismantling the crankshaft from engine. • The grinding tools and technology is user friendly. • It is capable to grind the Crankpin within close dimensional tolerance. • The grinding machine is portable and light in weight can be easily carried by technicians to the site • Grinding and Polishing is done by a single machine which is easy to operate. • The drive for the machine is also pneumatic which give's high power output with in the confined space. • We can supply the Crankshaft Grinding Machine range starting from 60 mm. to 700 mm. diameter. • Initial training on Crankpin model at workshop - to impart knowledge on use of various machine and accessories. Crankshaft Grinding We have been working in the field of repair of crank shaft for the last 30 years, Our engineers are trained in crank shaft forging and crank shaft machining facilities based in Europe and U.S.A. We have the necessary expertise and experience to handle any nature of problem in the crank shaft. Grinding of crank shaft on site saves down time, cost and also eliminates the risk factors involved in transportation and handling of crank shaft. • Inspection of crank shaft with appropriate Non Destructive Tests including hardness checking with portable hardness testing equipment, crack detection by Magnetic Particle Test. • New generation equipments can machine and polish in one setting itself as there is no need of separate tools for grinding and machining. s for grinding and machining. • Equipment drastically reduces the set up time & minimizes the possibility of misalignment of Crank shaft & avoiding the need to set it up 2 or 3 times. • Crank shaft can be ground from the CR Pin dia of 50mm upwards. Special purpose tooling can be designed in case of limitation of working space in engine block. • Trained engineers and mechanics skilled in the art of insitu crank shaft grinding. • Ready availability of tools and specifications for most engines. • We take pride in accomplishing repairs of over 10, 000 Shafts in India and abroad. Area of application: • Compressor Crankshafts • Main engine Crankshafts • Auxiliary engine Crankshafts • Cylindrical Shaft and rotating shaft of mechanical equipments Main Features: • Light weight portable Insitu grinding equipment. • Tolerance maintained strictly as per OEM Specifications. • Technician accompany with senior engineer to plan and execute the job. • Portable testing equipments of latest technology used for inspection purposes.

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