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In October 1941 after the beginning of the Great Patriotic war Gorlovka ATZ was transported to the East in the relatively safety rear. The sixties were the period of formation and development of organic chemistry. The workshops for production of suspended, block and expandable polystyrene were put in operation. In March 1966 it was commissioned new production of mineral fertilizers, the workshop No 3"А", manufacturing granulated ammonium nitrate. At the 4th of May 1966 Gorlovka nitrogenous fertilizer plant (ATZ) was awarded with Order of the Red Labour Banner. In 1976 the plant was renamed in production union "Stirol". The border between the seventies and the eighties was the time of the second birth of the plant. It was commissioned new large-scale units for manufacturing of sulfuric acid, ammonia and urea. The output of ammonia was tripled and production of mineral fertilizers was doubled. Since the end of the eighties production union "Stirol" (PO Stirol) started to make efforts to change pattern of ownership. The process of going private was interrupted in 1991 due to the disintegration of the Soviet Union. According to the new laws of the Ukrainian State all activity, connected with change of the pattern of the ownership, was suspended. During two years the management of the plant tried to activate this process. In February 1993 it was registered leasing concern "Stirol". This was new phase in the development of the plant. Usage of leasing together with buying-out allowed to direct efficiently consumed funds at development of production and at buying-out of the property of the concern. At the 1st of September 1995 it was registered stockholding company "Concern Stirol", joint owners of which became workers of the plant, veterans of the Concern, legal persons, citizens of the Ukraine and State. Independent management allowed fulfilling several projects, which substantially strengthen the economics of the Concern. In May 1993 it was commissioned joint American - Ukrainian venture "Huntsman-Stirol", producing one-time food packing. In June 1994 started the production at the second unit for manufacturing of urea. In October 1995 it was put in operation the production of urea - ammonia mixture (liquid fertilizers, used in the USA, France, Canada), it was formed joint American-Ukrainian venture "IBE - Stirol". In October 1996 it was put in operation pharmaceutical production, working according to standards GMP (the highest world quality level, adopted in the USA and Canada, developed European countries), designed and constructed in cooperation with Canadian firm "Western Industrial Group". At first this plant produced aspirin, paracetomol and vitamin "С", but it had capability to substantially increase its range of produced items. In April 1998 it was started the production of five new medications - anaesthetic, antiphlogistic, gastrointestinal ones. In 1998 it was adopted program of production another 24 new medications. They include over-the-counter drugs-generics, especially cardiovascular medicines, drugs for improving brain blood circulation, for treatment of diseases of respiratory organs, digestion, urino-genital sphere, antiallergens, analgesics and antipyretics, antivirals and so on. At 28th of August the pharmaceutical plant received Certificate of GMP, indicating about world level of production of medical products

Company Name : Stiroloptpharmtorg


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