Taiping Luying Diecasting Factory

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Taiping Luying Diecasting Factory

Taiping Luying Diecasting Factory



Taiping Luying Diecasting Factory

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aluminum die casting

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Our base is located in Dali Town, Nanhai district, Foshan city, Guangdong province, China ---- nationally known nonferrous metal processing base, the factory, benefiting from its convenient traffic, is an enterprise specializing in aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die-casting, and offering the customers a full set of design of mould and production of die-casting, as well as blueprint machined parts and moulding product. We engage mainly in the development, manufacture, and supply of five main accessories for the customers: Furniture accessories, spotlight accessories, electromechanical accessories, machine accessories, and truckle accessories. Our aim is: “High quality, low charges, develops together with the customer”. We have tremendous technical strength, rich experience, exquisite equipment of various types of zinc and aluminum alloy die-casting machine ranging from 1400T 、1200T、1000T、800T、500T、320T、250T、180T, 120T, 88T , all of which are imported from Japan, Italy, etc. providing the customers with large and medium-size die-casting. Since its inception in 1986, "Quality as a fundamental, customer-centre〞The use of zinc, aluminium alloy die-casting molds of technical superiority, high demands and strict management, and actively take the road of science and technology, the company can develop sustainedly, healthily and steadily and improve continuously. The company has now developed into the level with our own innovation, which based on technology and a set of precision zinc alloy die-casting mold design manufacture and die-casting, ... ... processing molding, polishing, plating, powder coating, painting and so on after the processing of medium-sized businesses through-train service. Management: We have a set of strict and complete management system. We introduce advanced die-casting of the ERP management system, management system in accordance with IS09000-way operation system, 7S-site management and RoHS environmental protection requirements to control all aspects of production. Productivity: Daily production can be 70, 000 pcs, the monthly output of 10 million RMB, the production of large and small die-casting mold can be around 30 pieces. Product coverage: mould design and manufacture of aluminum alloy with zinc; aluminum alloy die-casting processing, auto and motorcycle accessories die-casting processing; pumps, valves, crankshaft box, electrical fittings mold manufacturing, die-casting processing, building materials, hardware, doors holder, handles, glass cup; ship, aviation parts: arts and crafts, toys, chess, gifts; beauty salons equipment; lock accessories; lighting accessories; LED lights cup aluminum die casting / lamp and LED street lighting / outdoor lights shell, medical fitness equipment, leisure sports fittings; plumbing sanitary fittings; teaching, office accessories, globe bar and base, style, stage supplies, musical instruments accessories; home appliances, furniture, food machinery parts, cutting machine frame, twisted meat machine parts; agricultural, garden, woodworking machinery; pneumatic, power tools, aluminum gun body parts; radiator / tablet; hinge; a variety of electrical and electronic aluminum; sewing machine / sewing equipment accessories; measuring equipment accessories of optical instruments; footwear and shoe-making machinery parts; security, fire and sanitation equipment spare parts, various types of electronic hardware parts and a variety of special-shaped pieces. Products with high quality, reasonable price, satisfactory service to achieve customers′ requirements on color, appearance, size, and many other high-precision requirements. Warmly welcome new and old customers, who with lofty ideals at home and abroad to bring your elite team to guide and discuss in cooperation. In the new century, let us hand in hand with the progress, to create a brilliant tomorrow!

Company Name : Taiping Luying Diecasting Factory


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