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Trueman Techonlogy

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Trueman Techonlogy

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Trueman Technology Ltd is a leading electronic manufactory in electronic cigarette and electronic cigar. With the fast development, we grow very fast and now we have owned two factories for our e-cigarette production . Also we pay more attention to the research of the new products. The electronic cigarette and electronic cigar are made under supervision of China Health Care Society with the China Patents. They are made of microelectronic control and supercritical atomizing technologies. They feel like cigarette, look like cigarette. They even emit vapor. In many ways, it is an actual smoking experience. They have all the pleasure of the cigarette, but without all the problems. We understand that the quality is very important for these products. All cartridges are filled in no dust workshop. The liquid components reach medicine or edible distinction. According our superior quality, CE and ROHS are approved.

Company Name : Trueman Techonlogy


Products of Trueman Techonlogy

30ml liquid

30ml liquid

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