AB Telecom Technology (Hangzhou)Ltd.

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AB Telecom Technology (Hangzhou)Ltd.

AB Telecom Technology (Hangzhou)Ltd.



AB Telecom Technology (Hangzhou)Ltd.

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CCTV Camera, CCTV keyboard, Matrix switcher, Fiber Optical transmitter and receiver,Chassis,Speed dome, IP Camera, IRcamera, DVR

Description :

AB Group contributes greatly to the development of modern CCTV core technology for Matrix Switchers/Controllers. AB provides the matrix switcher control systems with network function of higher and multi-level and macroinstruction keyboard control. Our products cover Matrix Switchers/Controllers, Fiber Optic equipment, Integrative High-speed Domes, multiplexers, DVR and system integration software. AB represents high technological standard of this field in the world. We are a specialized manufacturer of Switchers/Controllers and software integration developer. AB, registered in Canada, has been a well-known brand in CCTV field. AB Group has subsidiary companies in the US, Europe, mainland China and Hong Kong. AB Telecom Technology (Hangzhou) Ltd. was established to expand a larger Chinese market. AB Group and the subsidiaries in China obtained ISO9001 quality certificate and international certificate of UL in the US, CE certificate issued by an authoritative testing organization accredited by the EU and FCC Certification Issued by the US Federal Communications Commission. We have passed the test held by Hong Kong Standard Testing Center and China National Public Security Department. The products of AB have almost covered all CCTV and relevant communication equipment. Since the access to Chinese market for ten years, we have undertook tens of thousands of middle and small sized projects and about tens of thousands of large sized defensive projects and networks. Our systems have been broadly applied into such areas as airports, bank buildings, inspection organizations, governmental offices, prisons, highways, electric power, communication, stations, wharfs, factories and schools. AB has got the achievements greatly due to the support from our business cooperators and clients. AB has outstanding performance in originality, integration, quality, service and information. AB has earned great reputations and support from government for the well-known brand in China security and defense industry and high market occupation. In 2001, AB group has assigned an agreement with Hangzhou government. We have completed in purchasing a land of 50mu, including a workshop area of 6, 000 square meters. We are equipped with necessary equipment. The whole project will be carried out by stages. The first stage focuses on the 20, 000 square meters of modernized intellectualized science and technology zone, including spacious workshops, modernized office buildings and well-equipped living quarters, perfectly integrating manufacture, service, training and entertainment. To meet the demand of Chinese market, AB has always been developing new technology and products. By rights of management skills and marketing and service network of international standards, AB has become a manufacturer and system integrator with the best equipment and a complete set of products. AB hopes to contribute the efforts with people in this line to the development of Chinese high-tech industry.

Company Name : AB Telecom Technology (Hangzhou)Ltd.


Products of AB Telecom Technology (Hangzhou)Ltd.

AB Network Gun Camera Series

AB Network Gun
Camera Series
IR Water-proof Dome Camera

IR Water-proof Dome
High Resolution Box Camera

High Resolution Box
AB188-M/P Series High Speed Dome

AB188-M/P Series
High Speed Dome
AB188-T Series Integrated English intelligence high-speed do

AB188-T Series
Integrated English
high-speed do

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