Triparulex Fire Protection Systems

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Triparulex Fire Protection Systems

Triparulex Fire Protection Systems



Triparulex Fire Protection Systems

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Hydrent System, Sprinkler System, Gas Based Fire Suppression System and Fire Extinguishers

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Dear Sir We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an authorized Indian Distributor for “NAF S125 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System” which is most technologically advanced product & have several advantages in compare to the other clean agents available in the market such as: Ø Effective for Class A, B, and C Fires. Ø NAF S125 Agent is required 20% less in qty compares to FM200 Agent. Ø NAF S125 has a unique lemon type smell to alert for accidental release of the agent. Ø NO visibility is changed after flooding in the area. As you are aware that the huge requirement of above system is going to knock the market since all the Halon Gas Fire Suppression Installations in India are needed to be replaced by 2010 as per Montreal Protocol 1987, and our NAF S125 Clean Agent has only unique feature to retrofit the existing Halon Gas Suppression Installation without replacement of Piping work which not only save the cost of your piping network but save the huge cost involved in shape of not requiring shut down of the units for long time to replace the piping etc. We are looking for some dynamic associates all around the country to promote the sale of our product. Further we are enclosing the Documents for your consideration. Thanks and Regards, You’re faithfully. Manoj Srivastava

Company Name : Triparulex Fire Protection Systems


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