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A.K. Engineering Company

A.K. Engineering Company



A.K. Engineering Company

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fasteners, Nuts, Bolts, Threaded Rods, Washers, Pins, Studs, Pipe Clamps, Galvanized Wire, Screws, Rivets, Nails

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A. K. Engineering Company (an ISO-9001 certified company) was established in Ludhiana, Punjab in 1988, as a company committed to develop better Industrial Fasteners. Today, A. K. Engineering is exporting all around the world including United States, Australia New Zealand, France, Italy, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Ireland, Denmark, Canada and many more. Adapting to an ever changing scenario and discerning the growing needs of the fastener market place has allowed A.K. Engineering company to produce High quality fasteners products like Nuts, Bolts, Threaded Rods, Washers, Pins, Studs, Pipe Clamps, Galvanized Wire, Screws, Rivets, Nails, etc. that become standards in the industry. We at A.K. Engineering Company have always believed in producing and supplying quality products. Our quality policy states: Customer Satisfaction & Continuous Improvement We have complete in-house facilities to perform the different functions of manufacturing, processing and testing. our product range includes:- Bolts • Anchor bolts • J-bolts • U-bolts • L-Bolts • Hex Bolts/ structural bolts • Tap Bolts • Carriage Bolts • Elevator Bolts • Flange Bolts • Hex Lag bolts/Screws • Plow Bolts • T-Head Bolts • Eye Bolts • Socket Shoulder Bolts Nuts • Hex Nuts • Coupling Nuts • Keps Nuts • Flange Nuts • Nylon Insert Lock Nuts • Acorn Nuts • Acme Nuts • T- Nuts • Square Nuts • Wing Nuts • Jam/Locking Nuts • Spring Nuts • Eye Nuts • Castle/Slotted Nuts Washers • Flat Washers • Structural Washers • Fender Washers • Bonded Sealing Washers • Split Lock/ Spring Washers • Internal Tooth Star Washer • External Tooth Star Washers • Finishing Washers • Spring washers • Punched Washers Threaded Rod & Studs • Threaded rods/threaded bars • B-7 Full Thread Studs • B-7 Acme Thread/Tie Rods Screws • Machine Screws • Sheet Metal Screws • Self Drilling Screws • Thumb Screws • Drywall Screws • Tapping Screws • Wood Screws • Socket Head Cap Screws • Button Head Socket Cap Screws • Flat Head Socket Cap Screws • Low Head Socket Cap Screws • Socket Set Screws • U-Drive Screws • Slotted Screws Nails • Collated Nails • Coil Nails • Strip Nails • Hand Drive Nails • Cap Nails • Casing nails • Common Nails • Ring shank nails • Finishing Nails • Roofing nails Pins • Dowel Pin • Roll Pins • Hair Pins • Cotter Pins • Hitch Pins • Clevis Pins • Groove Pins • Spring Pins • Straight Pins Anchor • Drop-in Anchor • Sleeve Anchor • Wedge Anchor • Expansion Anchor • Heavy Duty Anchor • Wall Anchor • Concrete Anchor • Hammer Drive Anchor • Floor Anchor • Lifting Anchor Pipe Clamps & Hangers • Clevis Hangers • Swivel Hangers • Water Pipe Clamps • Adjustable Pipe Clamps Rivets • Solid Rivets • Semi-tubular Rivets • Blind Rivets • Drive Rivets • Flush Rivets • Self-Pierce Rivets Wire Products • Galvanized Wire • Bronze Wire • Copper Wire • Steel Wire • Binding Wire • Tie Wire Sheet Components • Electrical Sheet Metal Components • Precision Sheet Metal Components • Sheet Metal Pressed Components • Galvanized Sheet Components

Company Name : A.K. Engineering Company


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