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shandong kaitai group co.,ltd

shandong kaitai group co.,ltd



shandong kaitai group co., ltd

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metal abrasive & shor blasting machine

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Shandong Kaitai Group Co., Ltd. is Shandong kai tai metal abrasive Co., Ltd., Shandong Machinery Co., Ltd. Kaitai shot, Shandong Kaitai New Material Co., Ltd. etc.. Shandong Kaitai Metal Abrasives Co., Ltd. is a research, development and production in one of the nation's largest abrasives manufacturer, and cooperation with the Shandong University School of Materials Science and Engineering, employ experts and professors, joint research and development out of cast steel shot, cast Steel Grit, Steel Cut Wire Shot, stainless steel balls, stainless steel cut wire shot, aluminum balls, zinc pills, copper pill eight series, a total of more than 80 specifications of metal abrasive products, annual output of 150, 000 tons of metal abrasives, now has assets of 450 million yuan. The annual output value of one billion yuan. The company has passed ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification, given the title of Shandong famous trademark, and the drafting of the development GB/T18838.3-2008 "high-carbon cast steel shot, cast steel sand", GB/T18838.4-2008 "Low Carbon Cast Steel Shot", GB/T8923.2-2008 "rust grades of steel", GB/T13288.1-2008 "jet cleaning of steel surface roughness", GB / T 13288.5-2009 "a copy of the surface roughness Determination of sticky tape ", GB / T 13288.3-2009" ISO Surface Roughness more like block calibration and determination of surface roughness focusing microscope, "" throwing shot blasting equipment, general technical conditions "seven national standards, exports 20 countries and regions, deeply domestic and foreign ship-building, casting, forging, heat treatment, steel structure, containers, machinery, automobile, locomotive, mining, stone, etc. users. Shandong Kaitai Shot-blasting Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise which integrates with technical research, development, production, installation, and debugging. Cooperated with machinery college of Jinan University, we have developed cleaning and intensification equipment of shot-blasting and shot-peening. The company is the National Blasting & Peening Standardization Technology Committee Unit. And the company takes part in and sets down the national standard Parabolic Shot Equipment General Technical Conditions All products apply CAD computer-aided design, the appearance applies three-dimensional software design, and key components of numerical simulation use finite element analysis. Shandong Kaitai New Material Co., Ltd is Shandong Kaitai Group subsidiaries. Shandong University of Science and many other colleges and universities, and research and close cooperation with Shandong Kaitai production results. Relying on abundant scientific research colleges and universities, technical strength, combined with the rich Shandong Kaitai production platforms and a broad market resources, based on a high starting point, high standard, with Germany, the United States and other foreign advanced technology, dedicated to casting, forging, steel structure , containers and ships, machinery processing and other related processing industries factories with new materials.

Company Name : shandong kaitai group co.,ltd


Products of shandong kaitai group co.,ltd

cast steel shot

cast steel shot

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