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dynamic ortho industries

dynamic ortho industries



dynamic ortho industries

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orthopedic implants and instruments

Description :

We are India's most reputed manufacturers/exporters of Orthopedic Implants and Instruments & Dynamic Export House company certified by Government of India. We are exporting to more than 80 countries worldwide & pride ourselves on Superior Quality and Competitive Pricing, and we operate under a quality system that complies with ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, CE and WHO:GMP. The factory is probably the biggest (skilled production staff of about 100 people) and most well equipped in India. Many reputed companies in Europe and USA regularly buy from us. We travel to more than 10 countries every year and reach out to our clients and buyers. We are probably the only company in India to have the widest range of implants in both Stainless Steel and Titanium medical grade. We believe human life in invaluable !! We understand your requirements, we recognize your needs! Come partner with us... Products - Orthopedic Implants & Instruments Safety Locking Plates System - Small Fragment System - Large Fragment System - Safety Plate System - Sleeves & Drill Bits Interlocking Nails - Universal Series Nails & Instruments - XL Series Nails & Instruments - PFN / Recon Nails & Instruments - Supracondylar Nails & Instruments - Humerus Nails & Instruments - Tense Nails / Enders Nails & Instruments : Nails, Wires & Pins - K. Nails Implants & Instruments - V Nails- Square Nails - Suture Wire - Kirschner Wire - Rush Nails - Steinmann Pins - Staples - Austin Moore Pins - Knowles Pins - Circlage Wire - Drummer's Wire - Pins & Wire Instruments Craniomaxillofacial Implants - Implants for Maxillofacial Surgery, S.S. - Instruments For Maxillofacial Surgery, S.S. : Mini Fragment I mplants & Instruments - Bone Screws & Plates - Instruments For Mini Fragments : Small Fragment Implants & Instruments - Bone Screws - Washer for Small Screws - Plates - Instruments for Small Fragment Large Fragment Implants & Instruments - Bone Screws - Bone Plates - Washer for Large Screws, S.S. - Instruments for Large Fragment Cannulated Screws - Instruments for 7.0mm Cannulated Cancellous Screws - Instruments for 4.5mm Cortical Cannulated Screws - Instruments for 4.0mm Cancellous Cannulated Screws DHS/DCS & Angled Blade Plates - Angled Blade Plates & Instruments - 95° Condylar Plates & Instruments - Jewett Nail Plates & Instruments Hip Prosthesis - Austin Moore Hip Prosthesis - Thompson Hip Prosthesis - Bipolar Hip Prosthesis - Instruments For Hip Prosthesis ACL/PCL Reconstruction System Spine Surgery - Harrington Implants & Instruments - Steffee Implants & Instruments - Traumatology of Spine - Instruments for Laminectomy - Mono Axial & Poly Axial Screws, Implants & Instrument External Fixators - External Fixator for Forearm & Metacarpals - Tubular External Fixators - Illizarov External Fixators ETC

Company Name : dynamic ortho industries


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