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Description :

Foundation & Development 2M KABLO was established in Istanbul / TURKEY in 1993. At first the company produced data, control, coaxial and audio-video cables with the registered trademark: 2MKAB. Apart from already having Turkish Standards Institute Certificates for the products, the first ISO certificate was acquired in 2000 and total quality system started to be applied from 2002. In search for specific and know-how requiring products, 2M KABLO invested on fire resistant cables production in 2003. In a short time new products were involved in the product range with new testing equipments and certificates; 2M KABLO registered the FireKab brand for the fire resistant and safety cables in 2006. Starting from 2003, with new investments in machinery, 2M KABLO became a customary supplier for the worldwide energy projects of Oil & Gas, Nuclear Power, etc. with the Instrumentation Cables group in a short time. Development in audio & video cables sector were successful as well and the registered brand: LOOKAB was introduced for audio & video cables in 2005. With a stress on product quality and customer satisfaction; constant training and R&D ; the keen following of technological developments; continuous investments in the business 2M KABLO has now reached to a state where it exports 40% of its production to FRANCE, SWITZERLAND, NETHERLANDS, GERMANY, UK , IRAN, IRAQ, QATAR, U.A.E. , RUSSIA, SLOVENIA, THAILAND, CANADA, TURKMENISTAN, BULGARIA, LATVIA, PAKISTAN, SYRIA, HUNGARY, IRELAND, DENMARK, LEBANON, MALTA, GREECE, JORDAN, AZERBAIJAN, KUWAIT, LITHUANIA, MACEDONIA, SUDAN , PORTUGAL, , SLOVAKIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, SERBIA, ALBANIA, GEORGIA, OZBEKISTAN, EGYPT, OMAN, MEXICO, VIETNAM, and T.R.N.C. 2M KABLO also initiated a series of investment in RUSSIA and an office and a warehouse has been active in Moscow since 2005. 2M KABLO is fast in production and replying to customer inquiries, reliable in quality and adaptive to customer requests and the changing needs of the industries and a growing number of customers are the proof of this. Quality 2M KABLO has the quality certificates from both domestic and international institutions such as: ISO 9001:2008 from both WCS and LPCB , Russian fire and GOST-R , BS 6387 C W Z, EN50200 PH120, TSE and TSEK. The laboratory is equipped with the most modern testing equipment used in essential tests which are carried out after or during the production of every cable. Some of them are very special: such as corrosivity and smoke density testing room & equipment and fire resistant special cable testing equipment. These tests are carried out according to the standards of IEC 60332-1 / 60332-3 / 60331 / BS 6387 C-W-Z / EN 50200 . For each delivery, a test report is prepared for each cable, reissuing the main tests for the cables , and the reports are sent with the official documents to the customers. Since 2004, most modern control methods have been carried out through an ERP programme which directly monitors and records detailed data. The system gives the opportunity to have superior and immediate control over the procurement, planning, production, sales, storing and customer relations processes and thus enables the total quality to be better. To perform the after-sales services better, a free customer complaint & suggestions direct phone line was started in 2007, to be able to listen to customer suggestions and to directly take action to fix any problem that might have occured. A product liability insurance for all of the products covering up to 10.000.000 Euros is part of the 2M KABLO service too.

Company Name : 2M KABLO CABLE CO


Products of 2M KABLO CABLE CO

2MKAB Fire Alarm Cables

2MKAB Fire Alarm
2MKAB Control Cables

2MKAB Control Cables
FireKab Fire Resistant Cables

FireKab Fire
Resistant Cables
LOOKAB Audio Video Cables

LOOKAB Audio Video
2MKAB Instrumentation Cable


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