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Shanghai jinpei Electronice co.,ltd

Shanghai jinpei Electronice co.,ltd



Shanghai jinpei Electronice co., ltd

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tantalum capacitor, film capacitor, multilayer ceramic capacitor, aluminium electrolytic capacitor, film capacitor , motor run capacitor

Description :

Shanghai Jinpei Electronic Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise with a complete service of product development and technological innovation, production and trade, and all-round services. Our company was authorized to import and export. Its mainly products are: Multilayer ceramic capacitor / MLcc ( Chip capacitor, Radial and Axial leads multilayer ceramic capacitor ); Ceramic trimmer SMD capacitors; Tantalum capacitor (SMD tantalum capacitor, Radial leads tantalum capacitor, CA axial leads solid tantalum capacitor, Non-polar tantalum capacitor, high temperature tantalum capacitor, their operate temperature can be 155℃, 175℃, 185℃, 200℃. Powerful mixture tantalum capacitor’s max capacitance can reach 150000uF); SMT metalized PEN. chip capacitor; SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor etc. The company sticks to the cultural connotation of “people-oriented, Aiming at Helping Others” through the construction and development of the company, Our company operates strictly within the ISO9001 quality system pattern and fully carries out the RoHS environmental protection project, and thus can provide productions with high performance and up to the environmental protection standard which fit in with exportation to European and American countries, and can provide test report of RoHS. Top production eqiupments and inspection facilities have been brought in and updated for times from Japan and America. Professionals are regularly trained overseas in profession techniques to fit in with the guiding principle of “Domestic Productions with International Quality”. We spend lots of money and staffs on satisfying top request of customers. Always try to designing and innovation uncommon and high technological products.(e.g. Moderate-high votage and high capacitance ceramic capacitors; Series super small chip capacitors 0402 0201; Uncommon military and civil standard tantalum powerful mixture tantalum capacitor, high temperature axial leads tantalum capacitor, and have gottent big achievement on technical research, can supply goods stably ). Our productions are widely used in nearly all electronic and electric equipment whole-machine-industries and processing-industries, like measuring instruments, housekeeping equipments, illumination electric equipments, switches, communication devices, automobile electronics, numeral science, electrooptical technology, aeronautic military affairs, etc. And our company has received good comments of “Contract-Honoring and Promise-Keeping Credit Enterprise” from the customers and all ranks of the society. The company is located in Pudong Area, Shanghai, a diversified international metropolis in China, adjoins the Lujiazui Financial and Trading Zone, and neighbors on Shanghai Pudong International Airport in its east. The convenient transportation and communication create beneficial conditions for the company to adapt to the changing market. The company is one of the biggest electronic capacitance suppliers in Yangtze River Delta Area, with an annual output of all types of capacitances over a hundred million. Thank you for your visit !

Company Name : Shanghai jinpei Electronice co.,ltd


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