Zhengbang Industry Development Co.,Ltd.

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Zhengbang Industry Development Co.,Ltd.

Zhengbang Industry Development Co.,Ltd.



Zhengbang Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Keywords :

bolt, nut, washer, thread rod, stamping parts, machined parts

Description :

Zhengbang Industry Development Co., Ltd. is focused on providing standard fasteners such as washers, bolts, nuts, screws, chain, wire rope and non-standard fasteners, machinery parts, Hardware, installation pieces, and we will also be based on our ability to continue to expand our product range. Our rule is: The first thing is to be a qualified business people, the second thing is to do thing. We supply the competitive, quality products to our customer by our rich resources. We are in charge of the whole work from placing the order, production, package, quality inspection, shipment to quality feedback. We have won the trust of many customers in our high-quality service. So far, the company has become more than the development of multinational companies in the mainland's agency. Our company is in a stage of rapid development, our products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Britain, Chile, France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina and South Africa, South Korea and other countries. Companies adhering to the "service first, quality first" principle of serving the customers at home and abroad, we hope that through our ongoing efforts to bring greater customer receipts.

Company Name : Zhengbang Industry Development Co.,Ltd.


Products of Zhengbang Industry Development Co.,Ltd.

machined parts

machined parts
flat washer

flat washer
hex bolts

hex bolts
hex nuts

hex nuts

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