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Tianlong Building Material CO;LTD

Tianlong Building Material CO;LTD



Tianlong Building Material CO;LTD

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railings,stairs,curtain walls,fence,metal handicrafts, bed,trash,flagpoles, stainless steel trolleys,and so on.

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Xiang Tianlong Building Material Co., Ltd was founded in 1999, the Company with the "customers first, to the letter to survive, people-oriented and refinement will be" attitude, in the company all staff's unremitting efforts, turnover growth of 30 percent a year, the Company has developed into a multi-function, a full range of building materials company! Corporate headquarters is located in the most developed of the Special Administrative Region of China - Shenzhen, with convenient transportation network, a unique geographical environment. A factory is located in China; in the domestic branch offices in the project throughout the country, overseas export all over the world. Main projects The company's main domestic and overseas export of the six projects as follows: steel structure, walls, railings, staircases, windows and doors, fabricated metal products. Steel structure project is divided into (large-scale steel construction, light steel structure construction, the production of board room); Project is divided into curtain wall (glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain walls); Project is divided into railings (stainless steel railings, iron railings, iron railings, etc.); Staircase project is divided into: double staircases, all kinds of ladders, etc.; Project is divided into windows and doors: fire doors, stainless steel doors, steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, etc.; Metal products are divided into (metal carts, metal chairs, shoe, anti-static table, bed, stainless steel products, etc.). Advanced process equipment Tianlong Andrew has a first-class production equipment and technology, headquarters has a professional R & D centers, large-scale open-air aircraft transfer workshop, a large welding shop and paint shop to deal with, have more than one lathe, milling machine, planer, bending machine, thread cutting the parts processing plant machinery. Advanced automatic production line of punching a large number of the use of automatic welding, greatly improving the steel structure of the steel strength and surface finish; combination of advanced derusting pickling process and advanced equipment and paint spraying equipment, building products for many years anti-corrosion guarantee. Andrew Corporation Tianlong always pay close attention to and tracking the development of the international peer dynamics, continuous technological upgrading and maintaining technology and advanced processing equipment. Stringent quality control Quality is the life of Andrew Tianlong. Rooted in the heart of quality and strict management system for Tianlong Xiang won the confidence of long-term customers. As the leading building materials companies, Tianlong Andrew has always had the quality of products and the strict attitude of the spirit of excellence, exquisite manufacturing process technology from the very beginning of the blood into the enterprise. The company has established a perfect quality assurance system and quality assessment system, from production planning, process to determine equipment maintenance to equipment, from raw materials to finished product into the database, are in each process under careful monitoring. Our Declaration      Tianlong cheung elegant in style on the generous, sturdy and durable in quality, exquisite design and outstanding performance of the quality of the vast number of customers, the company's products are widely used in a variety of large-scale construction, luxury homes, garden villas, home and office environment, according to customer demand, well-designed, precision installation and complete after-sale service, dedicated to domestic and foreign real estate developers and construction companies and trade company.

Company Name : Tianlong Building Material CO;LTD


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