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Beautiful  Colour  Technology

Beautiful Colour Technology



Beautiful Colour Technology

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Description :

Beautiful Color Technology is our middle name…… Beautiful is our first name synonyms to the versatilities of beautiful vibrant shades surrounding us, which creates an impact to represent the same in the forms of reproducing it to the very nearest visual creativity in print effect on the desired substrates Here our middle name Colour comes into existence and that is our business which initiates an urge to move to the global scenario were true well wishers like you Co-operate with us. Color’s represent one’s conceptual thoughts, sentiments, moods, creativity flow. We present more than 60 plus ready shades, which no one dares. Technology is the last name but is always on forefront. Technology with rigorous research and development of chemistry pigments, micro sizing, fillers transparency opacity, dis-persibility strength bond fastness performances consistency and competitive prices with no compromise on quality. Technology proves the efficacy of the broad spectrum of the colors beautiness and how to utilize in a better technological product should make the user trouble free and the printing should become an ease and affordable in any continent. So Beautiful Color Technology stands the test of time with flying colors. All the three aspects amalgamated into one product and the outcome is SERIFLEX the better efficient high performance cost effective consistent plastisol product. Serigraphy with flexibility and the beauty to transform the colors in vibrant mood swing and your creativity satisfaction and more profits. SERIFLEX wide range of products :- 1) Standard series semi transluscent. 2) Opaque series opacity to extent. 3) High Opaque series, performing higher opacity for darks. 4) High stretch series for transfer producing. 5) Process CMYK for soft finish photo wet on wet. 6) Process BRYK for deeper photo effect. 7) Process CMYK Litho inks (PVC free) wet on wet.

Company Name : Beautiful Colour Technology


Products of Beautiful Colour Technology

Seriflex Textile Screen Inks

Seriflex Textile
Screen Inks

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