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Ortho Tech

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surgical instruments & orthopedic Implants

Description :

Dear Sir, We would like to take this opportunity and introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer in Pakistan for Interlocking nail, Locking plates (LCP), External Fixture, Trauma, DHS/ DCS Plate, Small and large fragment Bone Screws and Screws, Austin Moore Prosthesis, Thompson Prosthesis, Pin, Wires and Drill, bone tape etc. We are the only manufacturer in Pakistan that possesses the whole complete range of orthopedic implants with outstanding quality. We are also considered as #1 brand in Pakistan for its quality and economical price. Sir, we are working in this field since 1992. We are doing very well in this field. We have quality certificate CE Mark, ISO-9001:2000, ISO-13485:2003, certifications. We want to start work with you in your country. I hope will start business with you soon. I look forward to your positive reply. Thanking you, Regards, Ali Haider.

Company Name : Ortho Tech


Products of Ortho Tech

orthopedic implant, surgical instruments and hospital suppli

orthopedic implant,
surgical instruments
and hospital suppli
Surgical Instruments & Orthopedic Implants

Surgical Instruments
& Orthopedic

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