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Jaskam & Co Ltd

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Jaskam & Company Limited is a Kenyan research-based manufacturer and supplier of high quality, herbal toiletries & personal health care products derived from natural herbs. In the 14 years that our business entity has been operational, our products we have made a good name for ourselves in countries around the world. Most health and beauty products are a waste of good money. You know this already. The primary reason is that scientists want to use chemicals to achieve a given result. Feeding your body what it naturally wants is the only real answer to good health and that is the main reason why we advocate for the use of herbal based products. Please allow us to briefly introduce you our main herbal products that we have for sale that bear unique qualities and have proven highly effective:- STEVIA HERBAL SWEETENER Stevia is complement to sugar as well as a replacement for existing high intensity sweeteners (HIS). It is 100 times sweeter than sugar it has potential for use in all major Food & Beverage applications as well as use in the Pharmaceutical area. Stevia is the natural answer to healthier enjoyment of sweetness for diabetics and those watching their weight. Everyone loves something sweet, and the best-tasting, natural alternative to sugar is Stevia. No calories, no tooth decay, more flavour and totally natural. The best of all worlds. FRESHA HERBAL MOUTHWASH Fresha Herbal Mouthwash is derived from natural plant extracts and only the very highest quality myrrh essential oil to provide the best breath freshener that money can buy. It bears antiseptic and anti-plaque properties that kill the bacterial plaque that causes caries, gingivitis, and bad breath. Alcoholic and strong flavored mouth washes may cause coughing and in addition, alcohol is a drying agent and may worsen chronic bad breath. Therefore, unlike other mouth washes Fresha is 100% alcohol free. We got rid of the potentially harmful ingredients virtually all other mouth washes use even though it is more expensive to use quality ingredients. We would not want those harmful ingredients in our mouths and we don't think you would either. It is made from a unique formula exclusively by Jaskam & Company and the highest quality ingredients available. It cannot be found anywhere else. There are a lot of very cheaply made imitations on the market. This product is going in your mouth. It matters. FUTSIL ANTI-FUNGAL LOTION Futsil Lotion is a 100% herbal, topical anti-fungal skin lotion that is manufactured in Nairobi, Kenya. It is packaged in a 15ml laminated collapsible tube. It contains a powerful anti-fungal ingredient which is clinically proven to effectively treat the following:- - Itching or smelly feet. - White lesions between the toes. - Intense itching and tenderness on the inner side of thighs. - Unpleasant smell from the arm pits. - Ring-worm on any part of the skin We discovered that certain combinations of potent plant extracts-with "living nutrients" still intact-perform unbelievably well when interacting with other living cells. The real difference in Futsil is that unlike the many skin care products you probably already have on your bathroom shelf, is that it's genuinely concerned for your well being.

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