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ONLINE INFOCOM PVT. LTD. (OIPL), is the pioneering name in IT based system development. The company provides desk top and browser based integrated solutions not only in Telemedicine in which it has expertise since 1996, but also in tele-education and Building automation and control (BMS). OIPL has also earned a big name in Bio medical devices like Uroflowmetry systems in the country. Recent products launched in healthcare are Total Hospital Information system (THIS) for hospital services management, Home healthcare (WEBTELEMED), Senior Citizen homecare (AGIMED) and Rural teleme- dicine. The Company was awarded as best telemedicine provider of year 2002 by Association Of Telehealth Service Providers (ATSP), America. We have a range of products on our list which can meet all your customer requirements. The activities of OIPL group are organized in various divisions which are as follows; HEALTH CARE DIVISION Healthcare division supports activities in all IT based Tele-health fields including Telemedicine. • TELEMEDICINE Telemedicine is the integration of Information Technology along with the power of telecommunication framed for medical application. It involves transfer of all sort of medical data along with Video Conferencing, which remarkably reduces geographical distances and connects physically distant and culturally separated patients to the doctors and super specialists within the country or abroad (without the two being at the same place at the same time) via ordinary telephone line, ISDN, Internet/ Broadband/ Lease line, Mobile phone, VSAT & Sat phones. Online Telemedicine Research Institute (OTRI) a research wing of OIPL, is extensively working in the field of Tele-medicine since last 2 decades, and has rea- lized long back, importance of Tele-medicine in providing tele-health care, to serve the society in the periphery of the country. Since than it has not only come out through its progressive research, with the products like Telemed-1000, a server based solution to web based system but the benefits are available to the society at affordable cost. That is why these products have made their impact not only among specific clients but among general public in specific during special occasions of mass gathering. In the field of mobile telemedicine OIPL has developed products like; Mobile Telemedicine • Ambulance Telemedicine: A system which can be carried in an Ambulance and online monitoring of in-patient can be carried out on its way to major hospital. • Boat Telemedicine; Ready to be carried on a boat or steamer and can monitor vital parameters of patient on board. This can then be transmitted to the hospital on shore to get tele-consultation from a doctor. • Motorcycle based Telemedicine: A system which can be carried on motorbike bundled in a lap-top along with diagnostic equipment like ECG, BP etc. to provide tele-healthcare at villager’s doorstep/dwelling. • Brief Case Telemedicine; A system which can be carried in a suitcase and ready to install under emergency conditions. • Chhakara Based Telemedicine; A system which can be carried in a specific vehicle to village. This vehicle is called CHHAKRA and serves not only for providing Telemedicine in villages but also supports other services like paramedic training right at PHC/CHC/Sub centre door step. Entertainment is also built in the system for rural folk. • SPECIAL HEALTH CARE SERVICES The system developed by OTRI can cater to the need of not only periphery Tele-consultation but also for Tele-health care providing total solution for data management of small, big or major hospital management and administration including its inventory. On line or off line in-patient and out-patient data integration in international format is also available in the system. As such this data can be made available, anywhere, anytime in the world, to any identified doctor so that instant treatment is available to the patient , ...




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