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System Designing

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System Designing

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HITACHI AIRCONDITIONERS SYSTEM DESIGNING Enjoy customized world-class air conditioning at the touch of a button. Hitachi presents Quadricool, possibly the world's most silent WindowAC. In fact, it is 3 times more silent than the rest*. With minimal maintenance and big saving in power, its benefits are endless. It looks good, works better and above all, you never hear it work. The Quadricool Advantage Aesthetically designed Backed by world-class engineering and know-how, Quadricool preserves the aesthetics and integrity of any given structure with its elegant design and quiet operation. Quieter cooling Now enjoy the Quadricool silence in your private haven. The patented aerodynamically designed Twin Turbo fans drastically reduce air-cutting noise making it possibly the world's most silent Window AC. This further reduces the sound level down to 44 dB, the lowest ever in the Window AC category More cooling for less The new refrigeration cycle design coupled with Twin Turbo fans, increases the condenser side air flow by over 15% and raises the heat exchange capacity as well. This results in an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of over 10.5, maximizing cooling and lowering power consumption. Lower pull down time The unique air delivery system and the Twin Turbo fans ensure a wider area of cooling at a faster rate reducing the pulldown time. Uniform air distribution Now sit in any corner of the room and enjoy the cool air. The innovative air delivery mechanism enables spiral air flow, creating a 'whorl' effect, ensuring no hot air pockets. The Quadricool TM Now introducing, the new Quadricool TM with revolutionary Twin Motor Technology. It comes packed with new technologies and innovations, adding value to the host of intelligent features mentioned above. Super dry mode* An intelligent control that helps you keep humidity under control. The Twin Motor Technology lowers the load on the compressor when on this mode. Low derating* The Twin Motor Technology enables the derating to decrease by a further 30%. This makes the compressor function efficiently even at 57 degree celsius, the highest in the category. Lower noise level* The Twin Motor Technology reduces the sound pressure by 20 times, thus further lowering the noise level. Lower power consumption* The isolation of two fan motors enables the outer motor to switch off when the compressor is off. This further reduces the power consumption by 50 watts. Auto Climate Technology (ACT) Does your AC deliver in different seasons, time and cities? Hitachi ACs do. Programmed for over 100 cities in India, each AC comes with intelligent control that automatically adjusts comfort settings with changing seasons and time. Superior quality Each AC comes to you after 32 reliability tests. The world's most stringent Japanese Tochigi standards ensure you get a world-class products High capacity compressor Does your AC pack up in harsh weather conditions? The tough compressor works harder under extreme climatic conditions. The new Hitachi ACs with high capacity compressors give you the promised cooling even after derating. Koukin filter with filter clean indicator Do you know when to clean your filter? The unique anti-bacterial filter prevents bacterial growth in the AC thus increasing the efficiency of the AC. Koukin filter with filter clean indicator not only ensures you get a clean and healthy indoor environment, it also indicates when to clean up the filter. Kaimin Ever woken up feeling chilly in the middle of the night? 'Kaimin' adjusts the temperature automatically through the night to suit your body needs.

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