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Wenqiang Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Wenqiang Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd



Wenqiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

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Description :

Wenqiang electronic technology Co., Ltd is the first joint venture company of China-Korea that was supported by the local government. In August 2006, the visits to Korean has been participated by all the leaders, China and South Korea has both achieved the mutual agreement, and established the friendship between the two cities, also working together in both comprehensive economics and trade parts. Through the negotiations for one year, the company has finally obtains the agreement that from: Korea side: IPSM TECH Corporation (accounts for 30% stock), China: Natural person Chen Peilin (accounts for 50% stock) and Dongpu Agricultural development Co., Ltd. Tripartite (accounts for 20%stock) to invest together, From July, 2007, Wenqiang electronic technology co, ltd is established. Korea side provides the High Tech products. China will supply a suitable working environment, the specialties involves intelligent electron door lock, the production and the sale items. Our company owns the intelligent lock, IC card, inductor lock, remote control locks and the fingerprint locks in turn to complete self-cognitive intellectual property copyright of the Korean company. The company proposes is to "serve the country with their best product, develop new technologiesí. People-oriented administration is used in the company. The main principle of the company is clinging on Customer satisfaction and needs. It was estimated that annual output value for the company can reach 300 million of RMB of tax money and 30 million Yuan of RMB. The goal for the company to be aimed is crucial, is the best city that was developed so far within the relations of Southern Korean and China.

Company Name : Wenqiang Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd


Products of Wenqiang Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Fingerprint door locks

Fingerprint door
Electroic door locks

Electroic door locks

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