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sz bencse electronic technology

sz bencse electronic technology



sz bencse electronic technology

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thin client

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Shenzhen bencse Electronic Technology Limited ( "bencse technology") was founded in 1996.Shenzhen real estate clients, and professional service industries enterprise customers, bencse establishment of a science and technology center for customers to respond quickly to customer needs a national market system.MLS set up a number of branches in the country, the regional market coverage and management, and laid the cornerstone of the most stable in the market.and improving the efficient operation of the markets and channels management capabilities.Bencse technology "confidence jobs pragmatic and innovative" development strategy, sales to industry, services-based, through technological innovation, in-depth understanding of customers for the client "tailor-made" products and solutions.Currently bencse in Shenzhen, Shanghai is the most abundant coverage of the case and customer base.Product wide range of services in real estate, manufacturing and other industries, has attracted the recognition and trust of clients."Serious initiative strict efficiency, " the idea is unshaken bencse people always, we will continue to innovate.surpass, business integrity, respect for the customer's needs, creating value for customers and provide quality products and services, Build a first-class IT companies to create iron spirit.

Company Name : sz bencse electronic technology


Products of sz bencse electronic technology

thin client with Linux

thin client with
All-in-one thin client terminal

All-in-one thin
client terminal

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