En Du Hi-Tech (Guangxi) Co., Ltd.

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En Du Hi-Tech (Guangxi) Co., Ltd.

En Du Hi-Tech (Guangxi) Co., Ltd.



En Du Hi-Tech (Guangxi) Co., Ltd.

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Integrating science research, manufacturing and marketing, En Du Hi-Tech (Guangxi) Co., Ltd. specializes in deep processing of natural green food with advanced technology and technique. We are also one of the key companies of the "Campaign to invite hundreds of Enterprises to Guangxi". Our goal is to produce foods of "Green+Pure" Natural to meet people's high standard of healthy life-style. Our products lines include: freeze-dried (FD) pineapple, FD papaya, FD mango; FD Germany chive, FD mushroom, FD sweet pepper, FD onion, FD pumpkin powder; papain, pectin, bioactive fruit and vegetable powder, FD powder of CTM (Chinese Traditional Medicine) extractive. All our products comply with ISO: 9000-2000/22000-2005, HACCP. The "Project of Deep Process of Fruit and Vegetable with scientific agriculture method" is the realization of the new high-tech achievement by Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Agricultural University and China Food Research Institute. It is also the base of realization of science and technology achievement by Chinese Academy of Sciences-Modern Physics Study Institute and Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Branch. Total of more than 13million USD is invested in this project and all the key equipments and technique are imported in sets. In this project, 200 thousand tons of agricultural products can be processed per year, including dietary fiber 500 tons, freeze-dried fruit and vegetable 1000 tons, fruit beverage 50 million bottles. Total output reaches 74 million USD. Most of our products are exported and the turnover can be up to 10million USD per year. The project introduces the advanced equipment and technique from Europe and USA. Integrating Chinese high end equipment of food processing, we actively make innovative design in the field of freeze-dried food processing and Nanofilitration technology, which won the international industry technique award-Eureka International Gold Price and our products get popularity and obtain sound reputation both in home and abroad. In the 21st century, global ecology protection, environment protection, green and nature, high-tech of biology, all these have been the main theme of the development of society and science; the industry which aims at ensuring human�s healthy life will soon be an essential parts of the global economy development. To sharpen our competitiveness edge, we continuously invest into R&D, human resource, technique innovation and advanced management. We continue to expand our technology cooperation in the field of deep process and planting, marketing. So we can keep our advantage in science research, technology, technique, scale and marking. We actively serve human beings for their improving high quality and healthy life.

Company Name : En Du Hi-Tech (Guangxi) Co., Ltd.


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