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Yingshi Machinery

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Honeycomb machine

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Ruian Yingshi Machinery Co., Ltd is an independent corporate enterprise integrating science, industrywith trade, a member of china packing federation, has long been engaging in the R&D, manufacture and marketing of the honeycomb paper core, honeycomb cardboard(beehive carton)complete set of equipment, and in addition, we are one of the first enterprises to produce full-automatic continuous honeycomb cardboard(beehive carton)production line. The enterprise has several specialists of honeycomb technology, ang a team oftechnical development composed of professors and senior engineers, hence rather solidin strength.taking the customers as our priority, the high and new technologies as our guideline, our company has trained a, number of technicians to do better in sales and after-sales services, which is rather helpful to make the honeycomb project develop in the orientation ofautomation, high quality, high -yield, ang extensive purpose, and conducive to the R&D and popularization of applied technology of honeycomb equipment. Located at a famous historical city of South Zhejiang(the birthplace of China's national flag), along the shore of China East Sea, our company is only 90 sea miles from Nanji island.Beautiful Feiyun River passes through the city, with Ruian Bund(whose beauty can be compared with that of Shanghai Huangpu River)at the both banks, No.104 national highway goes by our gatewayand in addition , two expressways Y-T-W and J-L-W run through the city.Ruian, the birthplace of wenzhou pattern, is also the centralized area of China packing machinery. For many years, equipments produced by our company have been put on the markets of over ten provinces and cities, and exported to such couuntries as Singapore, Malaysia, Chile, and etc.The machines are widely applicable to the packing industry, and directly assembled with such large enterprises as Haier, GREE, AUX, Samsung, Midea, and etc.Now, it has improved step by step the R&D and production of post-processing apparatuses and becomes a specialized manufacturer dedicated to one-stop service. Yingshi Enterprise will adhere to the concept of independent innovation and mutual trust for win-win, take continuous improvement to serve the customers as the tenet, strengthen the process control, make scientifically efficient management, and implement the policy that where there is quality, there will be a footing on the market.We will push forward the health and fast development of China honeycomb industry, a new type of industry with our excellent services.

Company Name : Yingshi Machinery


Products of Yingshi Machinery

Paper Angle production line

Paper Angle
production line
Honeycomb paperboard machine

Honeycomb paperboard

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