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Foundation Equipment Supplies (China) Limited

Foundation Equipment Supplies (China) Limited



Foundation Equipment Supplies (China) Limited

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Headquartered in Hangzhou, P.R.China, Foundation Equipment Supplies (FES) CHINA LTD is a leading Chinese exporter of rotary drilling rigs and tools. FES started his business to introduce European foundation drilling rigs to Chinese foundation contractors in the mid 1990s, with great success. In the meantime, FES has been encouraging and developing the local manufacturing resources, with a belief that the integration of low assembling cost in China with application of world-class components and technology will be a great hit in the market. In the beginning of 2000s, after full tests and experiments, the prototype of R260, a powerful drilling rig of 260KNm in torque and 82tons in weight, was introduced to local market with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Ever since then, the production base of FES has come up with approximate 200 units of crawler-based rotary drilling rigs, with proved performance in hundreds of jobsites all over China ----- hard rock in south west China, frozen clay in the north west, sandy terrain in east China, etc. The comparable quality to top level European manufacturers combined with competitive assembling cost enabled FES to decide to step forward to embrace the overseas market. FES supplies drilling rigs as well as tools and parts, for drilled shaft of between 0.6m and 3.0m in diameter, and up to 90m in depth. In addition to the top level quality featured with strong and durable material, easy-to-get world-class components, fine workmanship, state-of-art technology, and compliance with the most rigid emission standard in any country, FES guarantees the availability of lifetime service. Moreover, FES is committed to establishing local service center and spare parts stock in a new market, where the drilling rig is sold for the first time. FES will be expanding its product ranges, with consistent commitments in quality and service to Clients. For whatever inquiries in related, FES will be your first choice to approach.

Company Name : Foundation Equipment Supplies (China) Limited


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Casing oscillator

Casing oscillator


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