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Jiangsu Medease Co.,Ltd

Jiangsu Medease Co.,Ltd



Jiangsu Medease Co., Ltd

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oxygen regulator,nebulizer,reductor regulator

Description :

Jiangsu medease co., ltd was founded in 2005, we specialized in the manufacture ofmedical oxygen regulator, medical gas delivery and sucton systems, varies of pressure gauges, reductors, flowmeters and related products. our company covers an area of 9000 square meters, among them , 6500 square meters is standard working plasce, we have rich technical capabilities, advanced technology and devices of checking and adjusting, automatic assembling line, advanced numerical control machine, we have been engaging in training of our employees and improvement of products technology.we have ability to design, develop new products and produce products strictly according to ISO 9000 standard and iso 13485 standard. Medease remains dedicated to the hallmark of"quality service and value" in all that we do for our customers.Our determination to provide the highest quality of products, To serve our customers"s needs in a timely and appropriate manner and to price our products fairly is the Medease way. Medease is composed of professionals who belive in maintaining the highest level of service while continuring to provide innorative.Economical sllutions to support the dynamic requirements of todyas's patientWe target to the global markets with the spirit and attitude of perfection and improvement , and continue to develop oem products and set up delivery warehouses abroad. please contact us directly if we may be of assistance.

Company Name : Jiangsu Medease Co.,Ltd


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