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Myicall Network Communication Co.,Ltd

Myicall Network Communication Co.,Ltd



Myicall Network Communication Co., Ltd

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Description :

Myicall Network Communication Co., Ltd and Manufacturing Base are founded in November of 2004, Group's capital is over 10 million RMB, with nearly 100 employees. We have our own base for the R&D and manufacturing, also a sale way all around the country. We have a strong technology power, a service attitude of "clients are the center". We make continual development in a comprehensive mind and a careful commitment to the society. We concern ourselves with R&D of modern digital communication technology. Also we offer the modern info terminal technology and solving scheme. We are a national high-tech, a basic backbone corporation in the national software development base and a appointed manufacturer of network equipment. After we put IP phone, soft phone, web phone, USB phone forward to the market, we will keep on producing network communication products, such as audio gateway, video phone, video conference etc.. We adopt BDROS which is the uniform platform of network operational system, modularized design of configuration in order to satisfy different demands of various consumers which are of high, middle, low or SOHO level. We have all the intelligent property in system hardware design, embedded software exploiture and technology. Based on the strong power of technology R&D, Myicall series have gained many manufacturers' trusts around the country for their super excellent quality. We also develop and produce OEM manufacture for domestic famous operational merchant, providing mature and steady scheme of system integration. Also we provide OEM and ODM machining to the clients overseas.

Company Name : Myicall Network Communication Co.,Ltd


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