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Jark Pharma Pvt. Ltd

Jark Pharma Pvt. Ltd



Jark Pharma Pvt. Ltd

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Bhring Neel Hair Oil,Gloface Powder, Hemoglobe Capsule, Husky Powder, Jarcal Capsule, Jark-on Capsule, Jark Tone Capsule,Mehino capsule, Sleemo Liquid Plus, Sora Lotion, Vargino Capsule

Description :

We are pleased to introduce ourself as herbal pharmaceutical company in Jamnagar since 1998. Jark Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is GMP certified company. We are confident of the quality; efficacy of compounds medicine, and claim every ingredient is of specified standard and quality. We produce world-class herbal medicines. "JARK PHARMA has the manufacturing facility to meet the specific requirements of Ayurvedic (Herbal) products in various forms like capsules, liquids, oils, etc. "JARK PHARMA proudly presents it's quality products to the mankind to experience the miraculous effect of natural products Jark Pharma manufacture Herbal Medicine as under 1: Acidon Powder Complete Therapy for Hyperacidity 2: Bhring Neel Capsule Hair Falling Problem 3: Bhring Neel Hair Oil Beautifies Hair Naturally 4: Bhring Teel Hair Oil Hair Roof Protector 5: Bronko Liquid Plus Anti Asthmatic 6: Gasodin Powder Complete Digestive Aid 7: Gloface Powder Revitalizing Face Pack 8: Haritaki Churna Relives Constipation 9: Hemoglobe Capsule Effective in General Debility, Anemia & Weakness 10: Husky Powder Time Tested Natural Internal Cleanser 11: Jarcal Capsule Calcium Deficiency 12: Jark-on Capsule Effective drug for male Impatience & Sexually Weakness. 13: Jark Tone Capsule General Nervine Tonic 14: Mehino Capsule Reliable Remedy for Diabetes 15: Ruma Jark Capsule Rheumatoid Arthritis 16: Sandhan Lep Effective lep Therapy for Muscular Pain 17: Sleemo Capsule Effective Therapy for Obesity 18: Sleemo Liquid Plus Effective Therapy for Obesity 19: Sora Capsule An Unique Therapy for Psoriasis & Dandruff 20: Sora Lotion An Unique Therapy for Psoriasis & Dandruff 21: Vargino Capsule Effective Therapy for Female Sexual Disorder

Company Name : Jark Pharma Pvt. Ltd


Products of Jark Pharma Pvt. Ltd

Gloface Powder

Gloface Powder
Bhring Neel Hair Oil

Bhring Neel Hair Oil

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